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Who is your favourite singer/band?

Talk about all types of media here like music, TV, films and games.
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Who is your fav singer?

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Well having grown up in the '70s, and being a major Supertramp fan I would have to say Roger Hodgson. You may have to Google those names :)

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Currently, it is Coldplay (Chris Martin)

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My favorite band is the Psychopathic Rydas, favorite singer of group is "Foe Foe"

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Akon is my favorite singer

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I don't think I have a favorite singer, so many bands I like its hard to pick just one! is devoted to webmasters, SEO, affiliate marketing, web hosting, and internet marketing professionals of the world. Join Today!

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By farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Tomas Kalnoky. I just love every project he's involved in. He's a brilliant lyricist!

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TheInformer wrote:I don't think I have a favorite singer, so many bands I like its hard to pick just one!

I concur. There's just way too many amazing vocalists out there to have an absolute favorite. I like a lot of them though.

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Madonna. n.n

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Elvis Presley.

-- 01 Dec 2011, 19:40 --

Elvis Presley.

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I am addicted to the live performances of Tori Amos, especially the 1999 Sessions at West 54th, 1991-'92 at Montreux, and 1998 VH1 Storytellers. I am particularly fond of her "The Waitress," "Past The Mission," and "Father Lucifer."

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john77 wrote:Akon is my favorite singer

Cody wrote:Akon for sure.

I thought Akon uses auto-tune :shrug:

I can't name just one, but Robert Plant, Anneke van Giersbergen, Anna Murphy, and Mark Hoppus come to mind. Not necessarily the BEST singers, but my favorites.

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It’s constantly changing depending on how I feeling in life. At the moment I will have to say Kelly Clarkson, Vocally she is one of the best in the world today and she is massively underrated by allot of people.

I’ve recently been listening to all of her albums and it’s almost like she is singing about my life and is summing up perfectly how I’m feeling in that moment in time.


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Michael W. Smith hands down. I've been a fan of his music off and on for almost six years, and as of now he's the only artist I prefer to listen to.


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