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Do you still prefer CDs over paid to download MP3s (iTunes)

Talk about all types of entertainment such as media like music, TV, films and games.
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Spikey wrote:CDs are always cheap.......$20 or less for a cd and most of them are 10-15$.

With an iTunes library of over a month in length (over 12,000 songs), I'll give you that some CDs that are in there are cheap. But what about the non-cheap ones? Should I really put out a few hundred bucks on a rare Boston demo that is widely circulated in lossless form online? What about the debut album by After the Burial, going for just under $800 on at it's cheapest? To have my entire iTunes library in CDss would take hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a nation-wide search for certain CDs.
Spikey wrote:I don't know why people download illegally.
Downloading is free.
Spikey wrote:Just go out and buy the cd to support your favorite artists.
Sometimes (as shown above) it isn't as easy as "going out and buying the CD" to legally obtain music. What about the guy selling that $800 CD? I'm 100% sure NONE of that money is supporting the artist.
Oh and:
Spikey wrote:Just go out and buy the cd to support your favorite artists least favorite corporate record company.

I have shown time and time again on countless threads that artists (if they receive anything at all) get peanuts from record sales. A band I listen to has sold over 70,000 records and hasn't gotten a check from it (granted, it paid for the recording and producing of the albums, but none of the band members got any money from it). There are a few exceptions (Less Than Jake, Bomb The Music Industry!, etc) that get most of the money from record sales, but they are the few exceptions.

Moral of the story: support bands by seeing them live.

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I like to get physical copies of CDs. I don't like to pirate stuff. Also, with a physical copy of a CD in my collection, say if I put songs on my MP3 Player, and I listen to a CD again and I find songs I like that I didn't find the first time around, then I can always add more songs from that CD anytime I want to, and it's not stealing either, and yes, I do have a portable MP3 Player, which is where the songs wind up.

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I dont like downloading, I want a huge CD/Vinyl collection. I only have about 50-60 right now, only been collecting since January of 2011


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i prefer cd's over mp3's

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I'm keeping physical collecting down atm, simply because I know in around 2 years or so I won't have any way to take all of it with me and there won't be much use if I'll be living in some tiny ass apartment xD. If I had some place I could just store stuff for the next 10+ years it'd be a completely different story.

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I need to have a hard copy...I guess I consider it "old school" now?


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I prefer a hard copy too. I like buying CD's or Vinyl :)

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As long as the quality is good makes no difference the medium.

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Cds all the way for me.
I don't like downloads, All my mp3 songs have been ripped off cds and transferred to my mp3.

I like having the hard copy in my hands, the art work, the lyrics in the booklet. I recently went through my cds, I didn't count them as I have so many, but I filled up 3 massive boxes and have around 200 in my room.

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If you got the CD, you can transfer it to iTunes. So, CDs are better.

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I probably won't buy any more CD's. If there is any music that I don't already have on a CD, then I will probably download it, usually becuase I only want one song. I am also in the process of riping all of my cd's. I find having digital copies easier, and then I can put them all on my Android and take them everywhere.

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I think MP3's would be better, as you will have more physical space in a room, so a room will not be as cluttered.

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I prefer neither cd or digital download, just use youtube for free. :yes:

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I used to much prefer buying the CD, but now I'm quite guilty of impulse buying songs on iTunes. I should really stop that!


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