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Forum Promotion Design Leaks - [ UPDATED 5/21/15 ]

(CLOSED!)Free Stuff!(free fp and free twitter follows)

Here you can use your hard earned FP Cash to make exchanges with other Members. Whether you want to pay for posts, followers on Twitter or even pay cash to other members for clicking on your links this is the place to do it.
Forum rules
To try and make the forum as organized as possible we have the following rules in place:

  • Exchanging Reputation is forbidden, As is asking for reputation after an exchange. You're free to give Reputation after, but only if you think it is deserved.
  • Do your side of the exchange - Anyone that is found to have "scammed" other members will risk being banned from the exchange forum, and be issued with an official board warning.
  • One Exchange Thread Per user - To keep the Exchange forum tidy and easier to browse you are only allowed one Exchange Thread per Person, You can offer as many deals as you want in this thread. This should help everyone find an exchange thread must quicker, and it will help Possible Exchangers know if a member is trustworthy, due to the fact you will be able to see all of his/her previous deals in that same thread.

Full rules/information - viewtopic.php?f=84&t=112886
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Forum Junkie
Posts: 4,821

You rock! Thank you.

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I'm Always Here
Posts: 852
Location: F L o R i D A

I never got anything :/

I'm just Cody from Florida.

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Super Poster
Posts: 2,265

oh I am sorry, I only followed you on twitter. Forgot to give FP.

Sent! ;)

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I'm Always Here
Posts: 852
Location: F L o R i D A

ashimashi wrote:oh I am sorry, I only followed you on twitter. Forgot to give FP.

Sent! ;)

Thank you!

I'm just Cody from Florida.

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I love FP!
Posts: 6,017
Location: House

FP$ for me?

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Exchange Restricted
Posts: 49

Can i get some FP? and btw this is our twitter

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I'm Banned!
Posts: 2,822
Location: Texas

I could do with some FP$ I'm almost broke ;) lol

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Successful Promoter
Posts: 142

I wouldn't mind some if you still have more to go around. ^^

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Mass Promoter
Posts: 235
Location: Sweden

I'd love a follow on @humanqualities and wouldn't mind some $FPs.
Thanks for doing this!


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