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Register on my forum + 1 post

Postby SCII »


Postby SCII »

Register on my forum + make 1 post and I will pay you 11 $Forum Promotion currency.

Please PM me when done and post here below with the username you registered as.

If you are interested in my post-4-post then please look here: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=83009&p=870896#p870896

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Re: Register on my forum + 1 post

Postby MeowsePad »


Postby MeowsePad »

I have moved this thread to the Forum Cash Exchange. :)

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Re: Register on my forum + 1 post

Postby Ghost »

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Postby Ghost »

SCII, you seem to be making a habit of attempting to initiate exchanges without providing your forum URL.
I believe this is his:

Please include it otherwise nobody can complete your offers!
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