Guide to the ProBoards ACP Part 1 (Forum Settings)

While most of Forum Promotion’s members use phpBB, myBB, and XenForo forum software, some of us use ProBoards (PB). ProBoards is one of the leading free forum hosts on the Web today. This guide has been designed to help new and/or returning PB users navigate and understand the V5 Hydra Admin Control Panel

ProBoards Review – Best Free Forum Host

ProBoards – Best Free Forum Host What is ProBoards? ProBoards is one of the leading free forum hosts on the Web; they have over 2 million customers. Of all of the free forum hosts on the Web, ProBoards is, by far, the best free forum host! ProBoards is the best free forum host because of… Continue reading ProBoards Review – Best Free Forum Host

Website Planning

Website Planning Ask yourself the following question: “What goes into creating a website?” The correct answer to this question is planning. When creating a website, you need: A topic A purpose Goals Multiple Webpages Content Layout Design The above list is part of the planning process when it comes to creating a website. In this… Continue reading Website Planning

Coding Program for Beginners

I have noticed, over the past several months, that more and more people are getting into website design and coding. While noticing this, new coders have been attempting to use programs like Dreamweaver to begin their coding journey. This is an absolute NO no. Dreamweaver is a product made by adobe. It has not yet… Continue reading Coding Program for Beginners