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Weekly Interview Series #1 – ddoesmc

Hello wonderful members of Forum Promotion! If you remember a few months ago, the Editorial Team hosted a weekly interview series for quite a while, we previously interviewed active members and staff members of the community. With my recent promotion, one of my new responsibilities is to get this interview ship sailing once more. The interview series is back, and hopefully better than ever! Rather than trying to release multiple interviews Continue reading

Building Relationships with New Members

Hey everyone, if you’ve been involved in the hobby of managing forums for a while, you definitely know that it can be a real struggle to convince members to stay active. The initial promotion that convinces them to join the forum is hard enough, and then you need to give them a reason to stay on a long term basis. Well, my goal for this article is to introduce a few ways in which you can achieve this. Does that make the topic title sound a little confusing? It doesn’t say anything about that. The overall idea of this article is Continue reading