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Advertising -

Using paid online community advertising strategies can help you convert guests into registered members of your forum! If you have some money to budget for paid advertising, you might as well give it a shot. The most important thing about paid advertising is that there needs to be an ROI objective. ROI stands for Return-on-Investment. That means the money you spend on advertising should have some investment returned to you. Most people who buy ads have an ROI objective to make a profit back that is more than what they have spent on ads. This could be the case for...

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forum content -

Forum content creation can be a challenge for new forum owners. The forum is new. There isn’t much activity. It’s hard to remember to create unique content. But the truth is that a new forum relies on new content. Otherwise, the forum does not grow. An empty forum or a lack of frequent forum content creation will likely discourage visitors from considering joining the forum. How can you motivate yourself or remind yourself to keep your forum content flowing? This post gives you five different tips on how to do just that!   Forum Content Creation Tip 1: Scheduling Posts...

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branding -

Do you often wonder how important it is to build forum brand? Fifteen or even twenty years ago, promoting a forum and getting new members was easy. Then social media was born. After social took the internet and engagement crown, promoting a message forum started to become a challenge and has only gotten harder each year. Now is the most critical time for you to build forum brand, and in this article, I will show you five different ways to make a brand with your online community significantly.   Build Forum Brand 1: Create a Mission If you want to...

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post exchanges -

Have you ever done a post exchange with another online community before? An exchange of posts happens between you and another forum owner. You post a set number of threads and replies in their forum, and in exchange, they post the same amount in return. At least, that is what is supposed to happen. But not all post exchanges are created equally. Some people are just not as good at posting as others even if they have their discussion forum. But you should focus on giving the best post exchange possible. It gives you a reputation. It can bring more...

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Activity, forum -

It’s essential to keep your forum active. An active forum usually means members will visit again and contribute. An inactive forum is easy for a member to forget about. But you’re probably wondering what some ways to help keep your forum active, especially when you can’t think of any new ideas, right are? Look no further because here are five great ways to do just that!   #1 Keep Your Forum Active by Posting Every Day As the forum owner, you should be logging into your forum every day possible. And you should be posting on your forum every time...

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