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3DS Pedia Review - Review Spotlight

3ds Pedia Full Review by Subz

You can access 3DS Pedia to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.

Scoring: Image First Impressions & Appearance – ( 19 out of 20) I like the template and the backgrounds, its very Nintendo orientated. I can see that your forum is very active and I like the chatbox at the top of the forum, which gets members chatting and being active while not posting on the forum. You have a nice light theme, which works very well with your theme. The forum icons for each forum works well with your forum genre too. I like the member of the week addition, which helps get people posting and wanting to earn triple coins, which they can use in the shop to buy things. Image Site Layout – ( 19 out of 20) The layout of your forums is really good, which allows a lot for discussions like current Nintendo discussions and past Nintendo Console and Gaming discussions. I like how there is a wide scope for Nintendo related discussions too; given as your members have a lot of room for discussion. Also if your not a Nintendo fan you can just go into the media, anime, and graphic design and including other consoles boards for more different types of discussions, which is good as there are more gamers that use PS3 or Xbox as well as Nintendo. Image Statistics and Activity – ( 19 out of 20) I have been online a few times browsing your forum and your forum has been active, 30+ members online throughout the day. You have done very well for the amount of time your forum has been online for; almost 80k posts and 1300 members, I would be very pound of the forum if that was me. This is quite good for a year, there are not a lot of forums which gets this many members or posts within a year. You have done great, I wouldn’t change what you have been doing. Image Content – ( 20 out of 20) I think its great that you have staff and active members making topics around the forum, as a new member I like that its not just the staff making topics throughout the forum. I would get me more involved in the forum and willing to make topics and get discussions started as I know other members would get involved and get more discussions started. I think that is quite important to see that members are also making threads and getting involved in currents discussions, as it makes the forum more active, so that when members log in they can see there are fresh topics to reply to, since their last login. All members love to see that. Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – ( 19 out of 20) The forum grammar is very good throughout the forum, by members and staff! I like how everyone is posting with proper grammar and punctuation. Professionalism is great by everyone. There is nothing I would change here, which will help new members when making posts and topics. Also it will help newer members in using better grammar and punctuation themselves in their posts and topics, instead of slang or shortened words.
Total Score – ( 96 out of 100)

Final Remarks: Image Strengths: - Great Activity by members and staff - The grammer all over the forum, looks very professional - Member of the week is great as it gets members to stay active and be able to buy things from the eshop Image Weaknesses: - The chatbox may take away from having more active posts around the forum - I would look into getting a better logo for the forum as the current one could be better. - I would add a general discussion forum as that would get members and staff talking about non Nintendo genres and could get more discussions going.

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