5 Forum Content Creation Motivation Tips for New Forum Owners

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5 Forum Content Creation Motivation Tips for New Forum Owners

Forum content creation can be a challenge for new forum owners.

The forum is new. There isn’t much activity. It’s hard to remember to create unique content.

But the truth is that a new forum relies on new content.

Otherwise, the forum does not grow.

An empty forum or a lack of frequent forum content creation will likely discourage visitors from considering joining the forum.

How can you motivate yourself or remind yourself to keep your forum content flowing?

This post gives you five different tips on how to do just that!


Forum Content Creation Tip 1: Scheduling Posts

If your forum software has a content scheduling feature, use it.

If you have to install a plugin for that, install it.

If you have to buy that plugin, buy it!

Any time you can automate something that will help you focus on other essential aspects, take advantage of it.

Suppose you can schedule content about a week ahead at a time. Then when you visit, focus your effort on engaging with members in replies, welcoming new members, and keeping the forum up-to-date.

Scheduling posts isn’t cheating, and it’s not fake. It is content that you created, but you have automated the process for assistance.

This is a feature that I would use in the beginning and even when the forum gets bigger. New forum content creation is a win, no matter the size of the community.


Forum Content Creation Tip 2: Reminder App

Sometimes you forget to visit and post.

This is especially the case with new forums.

Hey, it’s normal. We’re only human in the end. We’re a busy species, consistently doing a million things at once. So, at times, we must be reminded about things we need to do.

Download a reminder app on your smartphone and set reminders to visit your forum to post.

I would schedule the reminders around the best times a day when the forum will be active and when you can commit to forum content creation activities.

Be sure to use an app that will allow you to set the reminders to repeat.

Don’t remind yourself once and be done with it.

One of the most important strategies of a successful forum is consistent content distribution. You want to make sure you are posting content when it is expected of you.


Forum Content Creation Tip 3: Three Posts a Day

Commit yourself to posting at least three posts a day.

This could be three new topics or three replies. But it should be at least three posts. There should be three topics if you don’t have any members yet.

Try to stick with the main niche boards of your forum rather than the off-topic section.

This will give your forum new content, making it look more active to visitors and providing search engines fresh daily content to index into their results.

An empty or inactive forum will not do well in search. Three posts a day will keep Google at bay.

Three is merely a manageable number. If you can get up to five or ten posts daily, go for it.

But three is easy enough not to burn yourself out.


Forum Content Creation Tip 4: Make Batch Content

Take advantage of getting into the mood for forum content creation!

If you get into the mood to create new content, try writing as much as possible.

Write all of your content on Word or some document program. Save it for a rainy day or at least post three to five of its topics per day.

Write content as long as you possibly can. You might give yourself plenty of topics for the future.

If you can fill up a couple of pages, go for it.

Every time you get in a writing mood – fill that document with even more forum content.


Forum Content Creation Tip 5: Write Down New Ideas

Always write down ideas.

If you get an idea, take notes about it.

Any idea is a good idea, but you know it is so easy for us to forget about our new ideas.

That is why you need to write it down when you get it.

And here is a freebie tip for you – get new ideas from old ideas. That’s right! Repurpose your old content by reading it and creating something new from it. I believe in the theory that we can take any topic and create sub-topics from it. We can then take any sub-topic and create sub-topics from them as well.

Forum content creation is an endless thing if you think about it.

You just need to have a creative mindset.


And that is all you have to do. These five tips are all you need to get started with ensuring that you have forum content creation motivation to help keep your new forum active. Be sure to jump on our forums for more help on keeping your forum active. We have a large membership just as passionate about forums as you are, and they’re here to help anytime.

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