5 Key Methods to Retain Visitors on Your Website

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5 Key Methods to Retain Visitors on Your Website

Nowadays, retention is key! People who keep coming back on your website are more likely to share your website and you become more popular. Most websites lack the follow key methods to retain those awesome visitors that will share about your website. Here are my top 5 key methods to retain visitors on your website. 1. Frequently Add Fresh Content Updating your site makes yourself not just look better in Google, but it shows visitors that you care about your website and that it’s active. That means that your visitors will come back for more content all the time and see what’s new on your website. However you choose to do this, be consistent. If you have free time on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday, only add fresh content on Sunday and Saturday. This will give you Wednesday to make sure you won’t miss future content and to add even more content for futures days that you’ll be busy. 2. Add a Blog Adding a blog to your website is an awesome way to retain visitors! As I said in the last post, keep a careful routine on when you decide to post. It could be about your website and updates for it, or it might even be related posts to your niche! If you’re a hosting company, create posts that help your customers with their website. Include helpful content and any other thing that may help them. 3. Host a Contest or Giveaway Host a contest or giveaway! This creates interest with your site, and visitors will share it with others, in order to show how awesome it is! Even though it may not necessarily have needed retention in the long run, it sure does help with attracting new users! I’ve hosted a giveaway one time, to encourage people to be more active on my blog. And whoever was the most active on my blog, got a small care package sent to them. I believe I included a letter, some stickers and gear that I made just for the giveaway. It helped make that lucky visitor feel very special, by participating on my blog. 4. Create Polls and Surveys Polls and surveys are a couple ways to get your users' response to various things on your website. It gives your visitors a way to talk directly to you about what’s working, and what’s not working. It is very important to get insight from your members and visitors, so you know what you need to keep doing, or have a needed change, that will keep them coming back! 5. Create a Forum, For Better Expression of Thought Starting a forum is a great way for your visitors to communicate with you, your staff, and of course with other visitors on your website! They can start new topics that might include feedback, reviews, or just a bit of fan mail! You can also play forum games, or just talk about random things on your forum, to keep them more engaged with your website. That is my top 5 key methods to retain your visitors. Regular, fresh content is ideal with running your website, to make sure that you are getting the most out of your website’s traffic. Feel free to tell me if you tried one of the above methods and if they had helped you! I’d love to have some feedback.

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