5 Ways to Keep Your Forum Active

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5 Ways to Keep Your Forum Active

It’s essential to keep your forum active.

An active forum usually means members will visit again and contribute.

An inactive forum is easy for a member to forget about.

But you’re probably wondering what some ways to help keep your forum active, especially when you can’t think of any new ideas, right are?

Look no further because here are five great ways to do just that!


#1 Keep Your Forum Active by Posting Every Day

As the forum owner, you should be logging into your forum every day possible.

And you should be posting on your forum every time you log in.

A few times a day is best, but one time a day is better than a few times a week.

Login to the forum, reply, and post a couple of new topics in each main niche section. This will keep the essential areas of the forum active, which you want in the end.

Try to be original with what you post and make sure there is a hook and a call to action. The hook should be in the title of the thread, and the CTA should be in the topic's body.

Members need fresh content, and by posting each day, you’re giving them the content they need.


#2 Respond to Every Post on Your Forum

When visiting your forum, check out what new content has been recently posted in the community.

Make sure you’re responding to the new content.

I mean all of the new content, too. The forum owner should respond to each new post (aside from your own).

Try to respond with a relevant and valuable statement for the thread but end it with a question to help keep the discussion going.

The goal should be to keep every topic going for as long as possible. But you have to make sure your posts are relevant and worth responding to.


#3 Keep Your Sections to a Minimum

If you add a whole lot of sections, categories, and boards to your forum – to keep the forum looking active, you need to keep each of those sections busy.

That becomes a challenging task if you have a lot of areas to keep active.

If you don’t keep those areas on the forum active and members or even potential members see the inactive section, they’ll probably choose not to post.

In most cases, it takes the forum owner to post first before the members start, at least until the forum is more active.


#4 Keep Your Forum Active with Post Exchanges

Post exchanges are a great way to help you keep your forum active.

Join forums like Forum Promotion and request to exchange posts with other forum owners.

It isn’t fake because you’re getting a real person to join and engage on your forum versus having bots join, post, and never engage with anyone.

If you can find the time to do daily exchanges with other forum owners, you will be helping one another out, keeping both forums active.


#5 Befriend Each Member

This will mainly be easier on smaller forums.

Try to befriend each real person that joins your forum. I say real as an actual member, not an exchange user.

Befriend the new member, keep a daily conversation going with them, and encourage them to post on the forum here and there.

People who enjoy your company are more likely to be active members of your forum than people who don’t know you.


And that sums up five great ways to keep your forum active. I hope you have enjoyed this article, and I encourage you to share it with others.

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