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Back to School Service Bash! - Free and Discounted Service

Back to School Service Bash!

Hello everyone! From time to time, we here at FP decide to give back to the members. This is one of those occasions and it comes in the form of free/discounted services! Now, here's how this weekend is going to work: - First, all cooldown periods currently in effect are put aside. What does this mean? Well, let's say you just requested a package 2 days ago and it has been completed. You can request again! (After your free/discounted service has been completed, wait time goes into effect like normal) -Secondly, you need to know which services are being affected whether they are completely free or discounted. Featured Site: Half Off/No Image Fee Waived - Use code #Feature when requesting at the bottom! Text Ads: Half Off - Use code #text when requesting at the bottom! Packages: FREE! Use code #package when requesting! Reviews: FREE! Use code #review when requesting! -Next, I am going to tell you the dates of the above event! If you use a code listed above between 12AM August 22nd Eastern Time to 12PM August 24th Eastern Time, you will qualify for the above promotion. You MUST request between those times, requesting a minute before the deadline or a minute after will result in your service being handled normally. - Lastly, we have a special event planned for this little back to school bash. Over the next week starting on August 22nd running until the 28th, we will be taking entries for a small Site Battle tournament where the winner will receive 1000 FP plus 50% of entry costs as well as a spot in the staff affiliates for 1 month! In order to sign up for the site tournament, make sure you have 30FP and fill out the following form: Name: Site/Forum: And post it below!
I want to thank everyone for supporting Forum Promotion and I want to wish everyone heading back to school (including myself) a fun/safe/educational experience! Matthew

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