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Browser Addons That Will Help Any Site Owner

The following Browser Addons I recommend Website Owners to use to help you better your experience running your website. LastPass (Chrome/Firefox/Opera) Lastpass makes generating, saving and filling in forms a breeze. I recommend this addon, because it stores your passwords on a secure sever, so you won't have to remember your 100's or maybe even 1000's of passwords. Awesome Screenshot (Firefox/Chrome/Safari) Trying to explain something can sometimes be a hassle, so just take a screenshot of it. This addon allows you to take a picture of a full-page or a specific area, which you can also edit after with the tools they give (Don't get your hopes up, it's just basic paint stuff). Firebug (Firefox/Chrome) Makes debugging and viewing code easy. Can't really say much else about it. Wisestamp (Firefox/Chrome) Wisestamp allows you to create a professional looking email signature, which can be inserted into any email service. Its helped me a lot when it comes to building a good-looking, business-like email signature. SEOQuake (Firefox/Chrome) I just recently started using this addon and it does have its fair share of bugs, but it is indeed useful. No longer will you have to leave a websites page to find its Alexa, bing stats, google page rank, etc. It can now all either be in a toolbar or a seobar (a little bar that pops up on command). This addon has helped me a quite a bit so I do recommend you at least look at its download page. IE Tab (Firefox) Allows you to open a new tab in firefox that uses the Internet explorer engine, so you don't have to leave your main browser to test compatibility. ColorZilla / colorPicker (Firefox/Chrome) Allows you to quickly find a colors code by selecting an element. These are the plugins that help me on a daily basis, especially lastpass. So, do you have any addons that you think are worth mentioning? Feel free to suggest them below. I'll definitely make sure to give them a look if they sound interesting enough.

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