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Coding Program for Beginners

I have noticed, over the past several months, that more and more people are getting into website design and coding. While noticing this, new coders have been attempting to use programs like Dreamweaver to begin their coding journey. This is an absolute NO no. Dreamweaver is a product made by adobe. It has not yet been updated to handle HTML5 or CSS3 completely and will produce errors, that other editors usually will not produce. I recommend one product for all beginner's who are learning to code. That product is Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text 2 is a text editor, a lot like notepad ++ but with a lot more options. You can do all of your coding from within the program. Another major plus side to using Sublime Text 2, is that you can load an entire site into the program from your computer. For example: I am working on a pre-made website name Site 1. The file contains the following folders; css, images, and javascript. Sublime Text 2 can open the folder Site 1, and all of it's contents into the program so that you can easily edit each file in a separate tab within the same window. To view your coding work, simply open the containing folder, select the page you wish to view in the browser and then open the page in the browser that you wish to preview it in. It is recommended that you leave that browser/window tab open so that you can refresh as you save your code. Another thing that has me recommending Sublime Text 2, is the fact that you can select different skins for the program to make it easier to see the errors in your coding. Using these skins allows you to catch the missed colons and semi-colons much easier that most other text editors or programming utilities. Below I have included a screenshot of what Sublime Text 2 looks like. You can download it for free at sublime text 2 preview

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