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Crazy Simple Ways to Improve Your Forum

As an admin you must be constantly improving your forum to get more members. If you aren't spending time to improve your forum, then your competition can quickly pass you up. Even some of the most popular forums can use improvements. So, here are some crazy simple ways you can improve your forum:

Re-write Board Descriptions

A lot of us are guilty of rushing forum descriptions when we first set up our community. If your descriptions are short, and include words like “stuff” then consider rewriting your descriptions to be more compelling. Its simple things like this that go a long way.

Rearrange Your Category Layout

You never want your least populated categories/forums to be shown first because it gives it the feeling of inactivity on new communities. If you have more than two categories, then I would put your most popular one up-top, even if it is the off-topic section. Even if your forum is growing slow, having a well-populated category up top gives a feeling of activity.

Setup a Content Delivery Network for Better Speed

Having great loading speeds is incredibly important. Not only does having fast speeds affect your search engine ranking, but it also affects how long someone is staying on your forum! No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load. If you think your forum is running a little slow compared to others, then consider setting up a content delivery network to improve overall speed. Even if your forum is not slow, setting up one can still help improve your speed overall.


So those are some crazy simple ways that you can improve your forum. While doing the above will definitely help your forum, there are many more improvements that can be done. Implementing new ideas, and improving even the smallest of things is important for the overall success of a forum. So, do you have any suggestions on how people can improve their forum?

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