Daily Forum Activity Routine

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Daily Forum Activity Routine

Keeping an active forum daily can be difficult, especially if you don’t have many members.

But the truth is that the internet is highly competitive. Every niche is well beyond over-saturated. You can’t afford to let your forum go dormant and expect it to have still a chance to grow into something. You have to keep it active.

I realized this as I was letting my forums go inactive. It upset me since I spent so much on premium software and domain names. I realized I had to do something. I realized I needed a daily forum activity routine. Since then, I’ve been able to keep forums on the upscale for growth.

And now I’d love to share these daily forum activity routines with you so that you can keep your community healthy, too.


Create a Content Spreadsheet

Do you need help trying to come up with new content ideas?

This can be a challenging task. You need to create a spreadsheet and label columns as the main sections of your forum, then include a topic title and an additional post information column. Now spend a few hours researching new content ideas and fill your spreadsheet up. Try to get as many new topic ideas as possible in there.

I come up with five topics for each section on my forum. When I use a topic idea, I delete it and add a new topic idea to replace it. The trick is trying to stay ahead with your spreadsheet. It’s a content calendar, more or less.

You can find topic ideas by looking at the popular posts on similar forums and writing them in your own words with something extra to make them unique.


Create a Marketing System and Be Consistent

Choose a few channels you wish to use as your marketing methods daily.

Even if you have to use scheduling software. Buffer provides a great free tool to help you stay consistent. Social media are great channels to use as long as you mix up internal and external content. Have a list of good directories and business listing pages and submit one daily. Post one blog a week on Tumbler or something like that to promote your forum. Just don’t choose so many marketing channels that you’re overwhelmed.

I stick with Facebook and Twitter as my social media channels for forum promotion. I promote my forums in blogs that I maintain, too. I submit to a directory at least once a week. I research the best directories. I choose a slow growth but a consistent option for link building.

As I said before, the main goal here is to be consistent about what marketing channel you use and how often you add things to them. This will tell the algorithms when to expect content from you and help them determine when and how to show it to what type of audience is best for the content.


Thanks for reading the article. Be sure to stop by the forum to discuss topics like these!

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