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How to Display Latest MyBB Threads in a Wordpress Sidebar

When you're running a blog with a forum, it is important that the blog visitors see what is going on in the community. I see a lot of admins working hard on their blog to get traffic, but forget entirely to advertise their forum. Well luckily if you use Wordpress and MyBB, then there is a simple way to promote your communities' new threads through a widget on your blog.

Displaying MyBB Threads on Wordpress

installcrosspost Getting a nice little widget that displays your MyBB forums threads is actually pretty easy. To begin, you need to install the "MyBB Cross-Postalicious" plugin by Markus Echterhoff. After you have installed and activated the plugin, you need to edit some settings. Go to Settings > MyBBXP Now that you are in the settings page, you need to enter your MyBB forum URL and some database information. It will look sort of like this: settingsmybb After you enter your MyBB details, make sure to change the "Cross-Posting" activity to "never". We don't need this feature to take advantage of the plugins widget. Also, I'll be covering the "Cross-Posting" feature in the future. crossposting After you have the MyBB details filled out and put "Cross-Posting" to "never", save. After you have saved, you need to go to the widgets area. Go to Appereance > Widgets In the "Available Widgets" area you will see a widget titled "MyBBXP Recent Topics". All you need to do is to drag that into the widget area which you want to appear. Once you do that, you can change a few options (I left mine default) and click save. And Now You're Done Now that you have saved you're all done. The widget should be displaying your latest MyBB forum threads. Here is an example of what it looks like: recentforumstopics So, I hope you enjoyed this short little guide. If you did, then please share it, plus one it, or give us a like. You wouldn't believe how much it helps us!

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