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Easy Ways to Earn a Penalty

One of the best ways to know what to do in life is to first learn what not to do. If you think about it, the reason for personal growth is through our failures, mistakes and mishaps along the way. It's very easy to struggle and be tempted to follow that inner voice telling us maybe this wasn't what we were meant to do but trust us, Google penalties definitely aren't the end of the world. They can actually turn into a positive experience. However we understand the last thing anyone wants to do is slip and fall unnecessarily. So, here are a few of the main reasons peoples' websites get negative attention from Google. This should help you stay one step ahead of the game and keep your eyes on the finish line, instead of finding yourself stuck back at square one trying to rebuild the mess you've made. Spam is a No-No and Faking it is a No-Go Search engines are adamant; they don't want spam to be a part of their representation. Often times, newcomers to the online world may think they are simply promoting but there is a fine line between showing off what you've got and over sharing. Not only should you be cautious where you discuss your website (signing up for every forum and blog you can find and posting a link to your site is probably going to annoy people rather than grab their attention), but you should also consider how you wrap your gifts before sending them out into the cyberspace. Your content is your gift to the world. Create interesting, to the point, unique titles and keywords without cramming the page full of too much information. Search engines don't like when you try this hard and it doesn't leave the best taste in your visitor's mouths either. The same can be said about purchasing links or trading with just about anyone – low quality promotion will get you low quality results, no matter how good your intentions. Keep a Close Eye on Your Members If you have a website that features a blog or forum, it's important that you watch what's written. Many people don't realize that what other people post on their site can affect the overall quality, not only for other readers but in terms of SEO as well! If many of your comments or replies are filled with gibberish or excessive linking, this can quickly catch the attention of search engines. If need be, require all comments, threads and replies to be approved by you or a moderator or add more people to your team who can quickly remove such content. Don't Scrap Your Hard Work Being penalized can be frustrating and a time consuming situation to come out the other side of, but don't trash your current site for a new one simply because Google wasn't happy with something you've done. Having a website is a learning experience and you are bound to stumble here and there. Think of fixing the problem now as a long-term investment in the future of your online career. Be attentive of search engine rules and tips and we guarantee your site is going to end up much better than you'd ever anticipated. Change is a good thing in the online world – sometimes those changes just don't happen according to our timeline.
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This article has been written by Keith Terrell, who is the proud owner of Orp media in Australia. His company specializes in offering Google penalty removal and recovery services. You can find him winding up on a cup of coffee in his free time.

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