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Employee of the Month

Hey there everyone, my name’s Wit (or Matthew) and I am an administrator here on Forum Promotion. One of my roles on Forum Promotion is Employee of the Month. What this means is that I work closely with the team leaders to award one (sometimes more) people each month who have went above and beyond their role requirements. Alongside these awards, I administer the Team Leader of the Month award and the admin commendation. Before now, these awards have been behind the scenes with only the staff being shown recognition via their medals and a topic in our private staff forum. After having discussed this with Panos, each month I will be making Employee of the Month public to show off the amazing dedication and hard work displayed by the Forum Promotion staff team. Real quick, here’s what we look for when awarding each medal as well as who ultimately makes the call: - When picking a CT EoTM, we look for how well they moderate, interact with the community, create a positive environment, and can we look at them as a leader when the time arises? This is solely judged by Mikaya, the Community Team Leader. - When choosing a Content EoTM, we look for quality of editing, quality in articles, quantity of edits and articles, community interaction, and more. This is solely judged by Joshua Farrel, the Content Team Leader. - When choosing a Package EoTM, we look for quality packages, quantity of packages completed, community interaction, and more. This is solely judged by Lorcan, the Package Team Leader. - When choosing a Review EoTM, we look for the quality of reviews completed, how active they are within the community, their interaction within the community, and more. This is solely judged by Jadster, the Review Team Leader. - This is a new award. This award is voted on by each member of staff as well as members of management (team leads/administrators). The criterion for this award is simply how well each person feels each team leader performed. Criteria can vary. - The Admin Commendation is an award chosen by Wit. This award is given to someone on the Forum Promotion Staff team who has went above and beyond his own team role requirements, made special contributions, actively participated in other parts of the site/team, helped out others, and more. This award is special and can have varying criteria that is up to Wit’s discretion.
Now, without further ado, I’d like to showcase August’s Employee of the Month!

Community Team


Saru. Despite being completely new to a CT/moderating role, I felt that he was somewhat thrown in the deep end. This didn't discourage him though, he was willing to learn more and more as time went on. He has been a pleasure to work with, and has grasped guidelines well and understood them. He's a very effective CTM, always willing to help out and fulfill his duties.


Content Team

Mr. Snuggles!

Mr.Snuggles has done a pretty good job this month. He deserves it.


Package Team


lludawg is a professional Package Team Member who completes every package as soon as possible. Her posts are long and quality, while she is always kind and available. In addition, she is willing to provide help whenever it is needed. Her evaluation was the best and I know that I can count on her. I am very lucky to have her on the Package Team.

However, everyone did his best. Because of Back to School Service Bash, we had a lot of requests, but I am quite sure that all of them will be completed within some days.


Review Team


So far, I have only been the RTL for a short time and most of my team is now gone leaving only Jaredseven. I was going to just not give an award this month due to this but Jared has gladly joined the team and has been a great help. He may be still learning the ropes & new template but regardless he has done a great job with helping me out with the free review weekend and hasn't gotten a late review and has gladly taken the time to do the reviews. I know I can count on Jared and I am glad to have him on the team.


Team Leader Award



Admin Commendation

Joshua Farrell

Joshua Farrell has been an amazing help throughout everything that has happened. He is always quick to want to help, always offering valuable input, works as hard as he can to make the blog run efficiently, great ideas, and an invaluable member of the team. He definitely deserves this small bit of recognition. Mr.Panos and I went over everyone's activity and whilst you all are amazing, we feel Joshua deserves it for August. Way to go Joshua!

Thanks for reading and be sure to congratulate all our lovely staff!


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