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Fel's Photos Full Review #2 - Review Spotlight

Fel's Photos Full Review by Bazinga!

You can access Fel's Photos to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.

Scoring: Image First Impressions & Appearance – (15 out of 20) I like the header / banner you're using for your site. It's very nice but it doesn't distract or take away the guest from what you are trying to get across or show them. The only problem I have with the header / banner is everything else on your blog stands out against it except for the title of your blog. When I click on the "Start Here!" or "Galleries" on your navigation bar, then the banner / header changes to a view of the beach. The view of the beach is really cool, but again, your title seems swallowed up by the view of the ocean (it blends in too much with the sky in the beach view). I would like to see the title of your blog stand out a little more. I do like the Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. icons underneath your title. That is a nice tough, the way the move when you drag your cursor over them. If not for those icons, I think the title could be easily missed. I would recommend making the title like the navigation bar underneath it. The navigation bar is easily readable because it stick outs at me from the banner / header instead of being swallowed up by it. Image Site Layout – (17 out of 20) Due to the layout of your blog, I find it easy to use (which is good for your guests). If your site is too complicated to use, that can be a put off to a lot of guests that are viewing your blog for the first time. I'm having a problem with your 'Photo Slideshow' that is located at the bottom of your blog. I'm glad to see that it is on the main page of your blog but I'm don't really like the fact that it is located at the bottom. I would prefer that it would be closer to the top or at least somewhere in the middle. I just feel like the slideshow is a really cool feature of your blog and I don't feel like it's getting the attention that it deserves being at the bottom, that's all. Image Statistics and Activity – (15 out of 20) I'm glad to see that there are regular entries on your blog. Nothing can be worse for a blog than the creator not posting enough. You don't have post an entry every single day if you aren't available to do so, however, posting a few times a week at minimum is a great way to show your guests and potential followers how much you are passionate about photography (or whatever your interests are that you are displaying). I am not seeing a whole lot of comments on your entries at the present moment. That can be easily be fixed if you ask a couple of friends if they wouldn't mind commenting on your blog for you. Most friends usually don't mind, however, you can always request a package if they are busy at the present moment. Image Content – (17 out of 20) I am glad to see that there is quite a bit of content on your blog. And it's nice that you have a "Gallery" located in your navigation bar where a guest or potential follower choose to view your photograph's from different categories. If you hadn't already categorized your photographs, I would have suggested you do so here in my review but you beat me to it. I am trying to figure out why you have a "Misc." category and an "Uncategorized" sections in your gallery. I would suggest you get rid of the one section and just have the other. In my opinion, having both is unnecessary. On the flip side, I enjoy seeing the "Food", "Nature" and "Travel" sections of your gallery. I think you could expand the "Nature" section a bit more if your photography included animals as well. I know lots of people who are animal lovers that would enjoy that. But making some minor adjustments to your sections such as the one I just mentioned about your "Nature" section may attract more guests and even get some of them to follow your blog. Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (16 out of 20) There were only minimal spelling / grammar mistakes. I noticed that on one particular entry, you wrote "Did ya miss me?". I don't know if that was intentional or not....but some guests might find a sentence like that confusing, especially if English isn't their native language. That's why, when I am posting, I always make sure that I am use proper English. Some people who are learning English as a second language may have a hard time understanding a phrase such as this, even though a native speaker of English (such as myself) may be able to understand it just fine. If a guest has any trouble at all understanding you then that could be a huge put off to a guest or potential follower of your site.
Total Score - (80 out of 100)

Final Remarks: Overall, I enjoyed your blog. I liked the fact that you seemed so passionate about photography. As long as you continue that passion for it, I think you'll do well with it. Just some minor changes to it might make it a little bit more attractive to guests, which in turn could help gain some comments and activity to your blog. Image Strengths: - Site is easy to use. - Dedicated/passionate owner. Image Weaknesses: - Title can be difficult to read. - Entries need more comments added to them to increase activity.

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