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Fel's Photos Full Review #3 - Review Spotlight

Fel's Photos Full Review by Jadster

You can access Fel's Photos to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.

Scoring: Image First Impressions & Appearance – (17 out of 20) Alright, let me start this review off by saying wow! When I first visited your website, I was astonished by the creative design and the unique navigation & header layout. One of the things that bugged me was the background used with the banner. The top corners of the banner image have a color to it so it isn't full transparent. There isn't anything wrong with adding the color, it just seems strange to have the corners with color but only on the top and not being consistent with the bottom corners. Other then that, the banner & header looks fantastic. I also like how you set up your social buttons right underneath your site banner. One of my other favorite things about your website is how well organized you have the images & just the home page itself. It is very professionally designed & the layout is very well organized. Overall, I think your site has great first impressions and the appearance of your site is very well done and it is by far one of your sites strengths. So lets move onto the next part of the review, your site layout. Image Site Layout – (16 out of 20) Looking into the layout of your website, I would have to say that the layout is another one of your sites biggest strengths. Just the organization of each and every page of the website is so neatly organized and just set up so nicely. You have featured articles on the main page of the site, your navigation bar also helps new visitors out by directing them to a page you called "Start Here" to help them know more about your website and what it is for. This is something that not a whole lot of sites are found doing these days as they just assume everybody knows what their site is about. So I see this as something that really makes your site unique and makes it more likely to have some returning visitors. Another interesting thing you have done is at the footer, you have set up what you are a member of, more images from your instagram and then the subscribtion set so people can subscribe to your blog / portfolio if they find it interesting enough to get email updates. So overall, I would say your layout is one of your sites biggest strengths, tied up with the professional design. So lets move onto the next part of this review, your statistics and activity. Image Statistics and Activity – (17 out of 20) Due to this being a blog / portfolio based website, it doesn't have a statistics or activity counter, so this part of the review was a bit trickier for me to do. So I decided to base your activity off of how many articles you have spread out around your website. I looked around your gallery and into each category and took a look around, each of your categories has a minimum of 2 pages filled with content, some even have up to 8 or 9 pages. That is outstanding! The only category that doesn't have 2 pages of content is the Writing Archives, it only stands to have 2 pieces in it but your other categories definitely make up for the lack of articles / posts in this one small category. So seeing all these posts, it is fair to say that your activity on this website is very high and I would almost have to say you are on every day if not every other day. Whether it is for just checking in on it or pushing out more content. It is just great to see such passion and time being devoted to your website. So overall, this was the hardest part of the review to complete seeing as how there is no statistics page or counter but I did my best and used what was given to me. So lets move onto the next part of the review, your site content. Image Content – (17 out of 20) After reading some of your posts that you have made on each category, it seems to me that you take a lot of time in making good little bits for each of your pictures and making quality stories or quality talks about each one. You also seem to post quite a lot for doing this on your own which is quiet astounding to see one person go through this just for fun. Your content that you put out is very well written and has a lot of passion and meaning to each one. Even when others can't see the meaning in some of them, you know what they mean to you and some may be able to connect with you. Fel's Photos is the first photo based website I have ever seen, so all the content you push out and how neatly it is designed really sparks an interest in me and really shows how much you care for the website. Each article or photo you post is unique which makes you site more unique. Overall, your site content is another amazing feature that reflects the professionalism and the dedication that you put forward into it. So lets move onto the last category of this review, the spelling / grammar and professionalism of Fel's Photos. Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (18 out of 20) Looking at some of your content & images in your website, I read through each of them and found that your spelling and grammar is near perfection! It is obvious that you take a lot of time and put forward a lot of effort into making sure that your content for your visitors & subscribers is peaking perfection to make Fel's Photos look professional and keep them coming back. Your site has such a professional feel & look to it in every page. There is no part of your site that doesn't show professionalism due to the amount of dedication you have put into the site. Overall, I would have to say that your site is very professional and the spelling / grammar in your site is near flawless, nothing more needs to be said. So lets wrap up this review with my final remarks!
Total Score - (85 out of 100)

Final Remarks: By far, Fel's Photos was a wonderful layout and one of the best themes I have seen for a blog / portfolio website by far in all of my years as a website reviewer and webmaster. The site has great potential to become more and more popular even for it not having a chat board but still a great site worth the time and effort put in. I feel that the site will grow more and more as you continue to dedicate your time and efforts to the development of the website. I do hope you enjoyed your full review and I hope to review Fel's Photos again some time! Image Strengths: - Website Theme - Site Layout Image Weaknesses: - Banner / Logo Size

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