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Five Useful MyBB Plugins

The following plugins for MyBB, are 5 recommended plugins that would be useful for your MyBB forum. 1) My Advertisements by Pirata Nervo An amazing ad manager for mybb which allows the creation of multiple advertising zones and banners. 2) Forum Affiliates Manager by Spencer Manually inserting and removing affiliate buttons from your forum's footer can be a major pain in the rear. Well, Forum Affiliates Manager makes the process faster and a hell of a lot easier. 3) Thank You/Like System by -G33K- I personally find the default reputation system in mybb boring, so I like to switch it up with a thank you system. The plugin comes with many useful abuse prevention features as well. 4) AutoMedia by doylecc Saves you from having to teach beginners mycode and makes embedding videos easy. 5) Fit on Page by -G33K- Makes a screenshot thread a little more tolerable and will prevent your forums beautiful theme from breaking because of picture size. All these plugins are usually the first thing I install on a new forum. I find them all useful and I recommend that you check them out! If your a user of mybb, then what are your favorite plugins?

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