Forum Promotion's Forum Cash: Finding a Value Part 1 - Value Based Off of Posting

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Forum Promotion's Forum Cash: Finding a Value Part 1 - Value Based Off of Posting

With Forum Promotion updating it's rules, services and it's software, Forum Promotion has decided to remove the restriction on the buying and selling of FP Cash, because it just didn't seem like a rule that was doing the forum any good, on restricting people from being able to sell something that is deemed to have very little value. FP Cash, as just a forum currency and without any monetary backing, really doesn't have much of a value cash wise on a forum, when you are not supplementing it with a value of actual cash. So, how do you appraise the value of something like Forum Promotion's Forum Cash? In this article, I hope to give you a few ideas on what you can do to give your FP Cash some value, and an idea of what others might see as a value. I will also hopefully be turning this into a series, so that we can discuss and discover different ways to help give our forum cash, some value. Figuring Out a Value This first part that I am writing about, was a difficult item for me to determine myself, since before, no one really was doing much considering of a FP to Cash/Cash to FP Value, other than advertising space on FP, the domain you can buy from Forum Promotion's Administrators, and the occasional signature space and posting in the marketplace. The first item to what I have decided to write about, is something that I have found a somewhat consistent value to what FP Cash, can be valued at, in relation to one of the things you find here at FP. That item in view that I have found, similar to what Cosmic had found (in an article that he wrote), was the value of posts, in relation to the person's posting quality and effort; that is, the time they take to make sure that what they write, is of good quality in relation to what they price it at. So, what was the value that I have found for what appears to be 2-3 sentence length posts, good grammar and spelling, in relationship to just FP Cash itself? Most people who offer posting, who actually prices their posts in relation to the actual quality they can give out, is that most posts go around 5-15 FP per post for average quality posts, but mainly between 5-10 FP a post. For those who actually care about spelling and grammar, and providing the best experience that they give, the post are usually 25-50 FP a post. And of course I have noticed quite a few members who do not have the best spelling or grammar knowledge, and the willingness to learn and grow from their requests, try to sell their posts at the same rates that those who have great spelling and grammar usually sells it at, in the which I have noticed that other users will generally complain or ask why that user has their prices so high, because of the standard/substandard quality of the posts that were received or observed being given. So in relation to the above, I have the following averages for the quality of the posts given, to their prices. Mind you, the higher the price, if the person is accommodating to anything asked of him, and if they had received great feedback regarding their posts, those are the users you want to go to, if you want to have quality posts on your forum, and not just a number. The value of posts, based on a Sub-Average to Average posting and writing skills, are as follows:
  • 1 Post = 5 to 10 FP
  • 5 Posts = 25 to 50 FP
  • 10 Posts = 100 to 200 FP
  • 25 Posts = 250 to 500 FP
The averages usually came out to 5 FP a post for the above amounts, with recent emphasis as of late on 7-10 FP a post. The higher quality Posts were charged as follows:
  • 1 Post = 25 to 50 FP
  • 5 Posts = 125 to 250 FP
  • 10 Posts = 250 to 500 FP
  • 25 Posts = 625 to 1,250 FP
So as seen by above, you get the average cost for posts and their quality, by how much the poster is willing to charge, and if they have a good reputation for providing you good quality posts. Now, what are the costs generally speaking, in terms of real cash for posting? For those who do post for money, or pay for posts with cash, generally speaking, you will be either charging, or paying for posts at a general rate of $0.05 per post. Some people charge a couple cents less, or a couple cents more per post, depending on where they have posted their rates at. But the average cost, for most standard quality posts, are usually at $0.05 a post. It is these 5 cent posts that you can get generally allot of posts out of, if you have $5-$10 to spend for the content. When dealing with paying people online to post on your forums, if the person has a proven track record of providing higher quality posts, you will see rates generally tend to go upwards towards $0.15 per post or more. Some will even charge $0.25 per post if they have a very good proven record, and will do very high quality posts, in the best time possible for making the posts for you. Those posters will generally, or almost always do their best to become familiar with any subject that is given to them, or will provide high quality posts for very specific niches of forums. It is these people that you can get the best quality content that will continue to generate replies for you down the road. If you have the money, this would be usually the better deal to go after, even though the costs are more expensive. How does posting for FP, and posting for real cash (USD), translate into an equal cost between them? Well, if you look at the pricing above, between our forum cash prices, and the general cost for the real cash purchasing of posts, you get in most occasions, an almost direct cost to cost comparison. Standard Quality Posts for either FP$ or USD, are roughly the same: $0.05 and 5 FP$ generally would give you the same quality posts, unless you find a good poster, who doesn't want to charge allot for good quality. So looking at the costs in my eyes, it appears to be a direct equal rate for your hard earned FP$ or your money, for the post quality that you want from it. $0.05 or 5 FP$ equals 1 Standard Quality Post $0.25 or 25 FP$ equals 5 Standard Quality Posts $0.50 or 50 FP$ equals 10 Standard Quality Posts $1.25 or 125 FP$ equals 25 Standard Quality Posts AND $0.25 or 25 FP$ equals 1 High Quality Post $1.25 or 125 FP$ equals 5 High Quality Posts $2.50 or 250 FP$ equals 10 High Quality Posts $6.25 or 625 FP$ equals 25 High Quality Posts
In my next article, I will attempt to cover the value of FP Cash, in relation to advertising of various types. Feel free to tell me how well you think I covered the general costs of posts in the comment field below! Or, if you have comments or suggestions on other possible ways to find a value for the posts you make, in relation to your forum cash and real money, feel free to also make that comment below! Thank you for spending your time reading this article, and thank you for being a dedicated reader of the Forum Promotion Blog!

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