Free Premium Icons For Your Website

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Free Premium Icons For Your Website

These incredible free icon sets are perfect for forum sections, blog categories, buttons, and other website elements. While you may be tempted to purchase a membership to a private graphics service, we highly recommend checking out these free resources if you need icons or graphics for your logo.


These icons are absolutely amazing and there are literally hundreds of them. Although it is a font set, you can add or remove icons based on your need. You simply load the CSS file into your website and then use specific FontAwesome (FA) classes in your HTML to display any of icons! They have over 1,500+ free premium icons. They also have over 7,000 "pro icons" that can be accessed for as little as $99/year. This price is 100% worth it for the quality and flexibility you get with FA icons. From standard icons for user & content management to actual brand (ex: Facebook logo) images, you will find what you need. My favorite thing about FontAwesome is that this series of icons have been established in the industry. If you are browsing the web, you are very likely to come across icons from FA if you have visited any indie website or platform using a popular template. Using these icons in your website is incredibly easy. Here's an example of how you can use my personal favorite CSS font/icon set!

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As you can see, it's very simple to start using FontAwesome just by referencing the CSS file and using the format "fa fa-ICON" in a class for your HTML.


Much like other free resource providers, Icons8 does require a link to their website in your website footer (if on every/almost every page) or on specific pages the icons are used. However, the link can be discrete and is not too much to ask for access to over 35,000 premium icons. They do offer paid options if you want to support their creators and use them without giving credit, but I think the free option is more than enough for most webmasters and forum communities. One great thing about this website is that they offer options to manipulate the icons. You can change sizing, background colors, and more to customize the graphics for your website before you download the images!


IconFinder is another great resource for finding free icons for your logos, forum section displays, and more. Although they do require attribution to give credit to the creators, they have many pages of free icon sets for you to choose from. I have linked to a specific page showing their free & most popular sets of graphics, but feel free to explore the site to see their paid icon sets or other free sets in their other categories!


Although this set is smaller with only around 350 unique icons, it is an open source project giving free icons to developers and creators around the world. As you will notice from the moment you visit the official CaptainIconWeb website, the creator is very passionate about this project and happy to help webmasters. You can download the graphics and look through PNG, SVG, and PSD options as well as standard font installations for the icons as well as CSS implementations.

S-ings Typicons

This set of 337 free premium vector icons is perfect for your project. With the ability to recolor, resize, or modify each icon, you will definitely find something you are looking for. This set of graphics covers many different uses for icons across varying types of projects. Better yet, there is good documentation on the official open source Typicons GitHub repository!

Foundation Icon Fonts 3

The Foundation icon font is much like FontAwesome. They offer 283 unique icons currently, used with CSS for web development. They have icons for social network integration, official brands, and general use for your forum, blog, or other website. You can implement these into your project very quickly! Much like FA, you can simply use some HTML with a CSS class for the icon like this:

Need More Help?

If you need more help finding free premium icons for your website or project, feel free to participate in this article's follow up conversation! Simply sign up for an account at ForumPromotion if you do not have one to participate in webmaster discussions, benefit from our many premium services, and engage with other tech savvy individuals who want to make the internet better. You can even send me a private message if you need some assistance!

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