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Great Tips for the First Time Moderator

There are a lot of people who become moderators on a forum, but they aren't exactly sure how they should be managing things. Sure, they may know the basic things like how to remove a post and how to warn someone, but besides that they have no clue how they should interact with users. So, today we are going to go through a few great tips for people who are new to moderating, or would like to improve in general. Never Let Emotions Get the Best of You No matter what, you should never let emotions affect your moderation decisions. Whether it's a friend or someone you dislike, you should treat them both the same. If at some point you feel as if someone is trying to make you angry, or if you are already angry then you need to warn a higher up (the owner) or another moderator. Let them talk to the member, because they'll be less emotionally involved than you. Always Notify A User There is always going to be a post or thread that needs to be removed or edited. I'd like to think that most users know when a post is going to be removed, but still you should always notify them. Let them know why you edited or removed the post and what exactly they did wrong. And if they want to debate the content of their post, then you should let them and be open-minded about the situation. I'd say the same things apply to warnings. Always be very detailed about why you warned them, and what they did wrong. And as always, be open-minded and at least hear their side of the story. There should always be a chance for someone to tell their side. ALWAYS. Help Whenever You Can I'd say that helping people is one of the most important things on a moderators list of things to do. No one is asking you to overwork yourself, but if you see a user having a problem that you know how to fix, then be there to help them. Helping people whenever you can, not only feels good, but it also encourages users to come back because of that positive experience. You don't have to help every single person, but help as many as you can. Have Fun Just because you're a moderator, that doesn't mean you have to become Mr. Serious and pull your jeans up high and tight. Even though you need to be serious on occasion, that does not mean you have to quit being silly or having fun; you can still "kick it" with your members, and crack jokes. Just make sure that when the moment arises, you're there to help solve the problem. Also, if the job ever feels like a hassle or you aren't having fun then maybe being a moderator isn't the right job for you. Talk to the owner and see if there are more enjoyable ways you can help, or just resign altogether. Conclusion If you're a taking a moderator position on a forum for the first time, then I recommend you read the above. Maybe if you're even about to hire a moderator, then you should send them this article. Out of all of the above, I think having fun and being there to help are the most important things a moderator should practice. What do you think?

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