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How to set up a phpBB Forum

In this Article, I will be showing how to set up the basics of your forum. If you follow this Article correctly, your forum should be set up in no time. After your installing phpBB, you should see this page. During installation of phpBB, you would of choose a username and password. Click login at the top right hand corner.
Board Settings
Scroll down and click on the “Administration Control Panel”. You will be promted to re-enter your username and password. On the side of the Administration Control Panel, click on Board Settings. Rename “Site name” to your community name Rename “ Site description” to your website description. This will appear below your community name. After you have made these changes, scroll down to the bottom and click submit.
Setting up your Forum
At the top, you will set a tab called “Forums” if you click this, you will be able to set up and modify your current forums. You should at following page now: Once you are at this page, click on the green cog and edit your first category. You can edit your first category to anything you want. Scroll down and click submit once you have found a category name for your forum. After you have clicked submit, you should see the following page: Click on the testing category (or your category) and then you should come to the following page. To edit the forum, click on the green cog Now that you have clicked on the green cog, you should of this page. You now should do the following: Rename your forum name Add a forum description After you have done that, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the submit button. After you have done that, you should see a green page saying "Forum information updated successfully. Back to previous page". Go back to the previous page and click on Board Index. You are probably now wondering how to make another category to make more forums. Type your category name in the "create your forum" box and click on it. Click on Forum in the Forum Type menu and change it to Category. You must copy permissions from your first category that you created. Scroll down to the bottom and click submit once you have sure you have done this correctly (in this case, testing is the category I created for this exercise). After you have clicked submit, the following message should appear: "forum created successfully, back to previous page". Your current page should look something like this. Click onto your new category that you have just created (mine would be category 1). You now want to enter your forum name. I am going to choose "forum 1". Enter your chosen name under "create new forum" and once you are ready, click on "create new forum". If you have done this correctly, you should of ended at this page. Keep the Forum type on "forum". Also, keep the parent forum the same. You need to copy over the permissions, onto the forum that you created. Scroll down and click submit once you have set up your forum.
If you followed this correctly, you should now: A title and description for your website Know how to set up forums for your forum. You can now go to your forum URL (or index) to see the changes that were made. Below, you will the changes that were made on the test phpBB forum: Thank you for taking the time to read this Article and best in luck in developing your forum further. -xXInfectedXx

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