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How to Use the Basics of the MyBB ACP

In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the basics of the MyBB Administration Control Panel. When you login into your forum, you will notice in the corner of the forum three buttons: User CP, Mod CP and Admin CP. Click on the Admin CP to access the Administration Control Panel. After you clicked this, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Ill start off by explaining what you will find at the configuration settings page of the forum. On the top, click "Configuration." I will be explaining the first two items that you will see on the page. These are probably the most important. They are located under the "Board Settings" option. It is these two items that I will be explaining how to work with. #1. Board Online / Offline: You can turn your board online, or offline here. You forum is online at the moment by default. You can bring your forum down just by clicking board online/offline, When clicked, it will take you to a page that will ask you for a reason why your forum is offline from access to guests and members. #2. Site Details: Here is where you can update basic information regarding your board. You need to do this if you haven't done it already. This will update the information that you entered, when you installed MyBB. I would recommend doing this as soon as you can. Adding New Forums Next, I will be explaining how to add forums to your board. You need to make sure, you did this bit right. Click Forum & Posts to access this section of the Administrative Control Panel. You should see the following on your page. You will have 1 Category and 1 Forum to start you off. This category and forum is there by default, they usually have the basic permissions you need to make further boards and categories with. You can click "Options" and these two. Before you do, let me explain the difference between Categories and Forums. A Category holds as many forums as you want, and a Forum is where topical discussions take place. Let's say you have general discussion forum, you could have once category for Technology, another for Entertainment, etc. After you have edited these two, if you want to add more Categories and Forums, just click "Add New Forum". DO NOT EDIT the Additional Forum Options or Permissions. Ignore them for now. Just do the first part. If you are adding a forum, select a "Parent Forum" AKA Category for it to go into. If you are adding a category, Click none and save it at the bottom! Adding Staff Okay, I am hoping by now you have your forum structure set-up. So you have more places to post in. Now, I will be explaining how to add staff members to you forum, to help you better moderate your board. A Moderator, has full access to the MOD CP. To add a Moderator to your board, follow these steps below. You need to click "Users and Groups". Once you clicked users and groups, click on a user you wish to add to the Moderation Team. Don't click the box and put a tick in it, just click the name. Once you have clicked it, don't do anything, read the next part. Ignore the page you land on. Click "Profile" at the top, and ignore everything else in the profile page section. Only edit what I am show you, which is what group the user is in. You need to edit their group to Super Moderators in all three boxes. Then, scroll down to the bottom and click "Save User". The user is now a Super Moderator. I believe that is all regarding the basics of the MyBB Administration Control Panel. I hope I had helped you to learn how to use the basics of the MyBB Admin CP.

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