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Interview with Lucky: WebFerno

Greetings, Forum Promotion! It's been awhile since I've brought you news and interviews, but I'm back now! To kick off my return, I've brought Lucky!, the owner of WebFerno to the interview chair. He caught my eye months ago with his "coming soon," banners for WebFerno. If you're not familiar with WebFerno, it's a new webmaster based website (you read it right, not forum - website) that boasts some cool features you should definitely check out. Here is my sit-down with Lucky!:

Twisted: So how did you come up with the idea for WebFerno?

Lucky: I have been part of many promotional forums and webmaster forums, but I haven't been on a website that was designed to have a place where they could network. I spent some time googling to see if there were some, and I didn't find any, I set out to find a script to power Webferno.

Twisted: Did you end up settling on a script or writing your own? That is, if you can share your secrets, that is.

Lucky: After a lot of time looking, I found one that I really liked and offered features that would complement my idea of a webmaster community. On top of the base script, we have certain features that I have customized to fit Webferno.

Twisted: That's definitely much easier than writing one by yourself! You said "we." Do you have anyone else one your development team?

Lucky: I had some help by someone that I meant online. His name is Dan and we've done a lot of work together to bring Webferno to where it is now. He brings a lot of business knowledge to the table, so that's helped a lot.

Twisted: It's always great to have a partner, especially for a project as cool as WebFerno. If you can't tell, it's actually been one of my favorite new projects since I started to see "coming soon" banners around Forum Promotion. Do you feel like you and your team did a good job generating hype before launch?

Lucky: It's a double edged sword. We had a slow launch and then we moved servers, which left us offline for a month. During this time, we had nothing to show for, other than a blank page. I have tried to spread the word, get advertising space, but it's hard that we were offline for a month. However, I am looking forward to seeing people use WebFerno and watch it take off.

Twisted: I remember you mentioning something about that earlier when we spoke, I'm sorry to hear that; being offline for that long can definitely kill hype. I know that WebFerno has some awesome unique features. Why don't you explain some of those for the readers?

Lucky: Well, first we have spaces. Spaces is where our users can make their own page for their blog, forum or group. Within that space, they have the chance post things on the page, post discussions and more. We have an article section that users can read webmaster related articles. We have forums were our users can discuss webmaster relayed topics with others. Our most unique feature is a combination of webmaster tools that only our members can use.

Twisted: The spaces and webmaster tools are the two that really catch my attention! When I was browsing WebFerno, I got the chance to look around the Spaces, but didn't really get to see the tools because I wasn't registered. Could you elaborate on some of the tools you offer?

Lucky: Our tools include useful items that webmasters would use. WHOIS lookup, domain lookup, and more. However, It's nice because all of these tools are all in one place. It's fast and slick. I don't want to go too far into detail because it's reserved for our community.

Twisted: Those tools sound really useful! I completely understanding keeping something for the community, it will give the readers a reason to go check you out! Do you have any future plans for WebFerno that you could share?

Lucky: Other than expanding on what we have now, not really. Of course, we leave it up to our community to offer suggestions on what they want to see. We will always be looking to be better!

Twisted: Well you've certainly gotten me interested in registering! Is this your first web project?

Lucky: No, I have built a lot of forums, but this is my first website based idea, not just a forum. However, I just like the Internet!

Twisted: I like how you're breaking the mold a bit with WebFerno! If you could say one thing to get people to register, what would you say?

Lucky: One thing I could say is we're unique and offer something that most webmaster sites cannot offer. Come experience a new idea with the rest of the community!

Twisted: Sounds perfect! Thank you for your time, Lucky, and I wish you the absolute best with WebFerno. You may see me around there soon!

Lucky: Thank you for the interview! It was nice answering your questions! Hope to not only see you around, but the rest of the community!

If this interview has interested you in WebFerno, go check it out at and leave your feedback below in the comments. Thanks for reading, and happy foruming!

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