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Weekly Staff Member Interview Series #6 - Lucky!

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Staff Member Interview Series! This week, we have decided to interview Lucky. This member is a staff member of Forum Promotion, and is part of the Review Team! To help the reader, the interviewer's (Joshua Farrell) questions are bolded, and Lucky's answers are plain text. Now on to the interview!
Hi Lucky, what can you tell us about yourself? Well, my name is Kyle and I live in Murca'. I have been working on forums for six years now and haven't stopped yet. I love being on the Internet where I lean a lot of things and even meet people from around the world, which is awesome! I am a manger at RadioShack during the day and at night, I manage my online life. I love music and I don't know what I would get through life without it. I love to eat and I value friends and family. What do you do as a part of the Review Team? My main job is to keep the team organized and running in a way that leads to efficiently. I make sure reviews get done in a timely manner and if any issues show up, I am there to handle them. I oversee everything that goes on within the team and if my team has questions about something, suggestions or an issue, I am the one they go to first. At the end of the day, we're all there for each other and to see to it things get done and things run smoothly. We're a red family :) What do you like about reviewing websites and forums? I like that I can bring a second pair of eyes and look at a website in a unbiased approach which allows me to be more critical, more so than the owner could. We as webmasters sometimes like what we do layout wise, theme wise and what not, but having another opinion is really helpful in making sure the website is at its full potential. I like looking at a website and giving suggestions to something that should be fixed, added or what not and allowing the owner to do as they please with that information and in the long run, helping them succeed. As just a regular member of Forum Promotion, not as staff, what do you like about the forum? I love the community. The service teams are amazing people who devote a lot of time to the community for the sake of FP being a large community of webmasters, and they love that. The exchanges are awesome because they give users a chance to work with each other and network in a way that works. Overall, I just love the community and everything all of us do to pitch in and make FP great! If you had the chance to add your two cents on what can be changed here, what would it be? To be completely honest, really nothing. The base that is already here is running just fine and is working for everyone. Sure, some people may not like the theme that we're using, or that we have too much $FP running around or whatever else people don't like, but you cannot please everyone. FP is awesome right where it is. I see you are running WebFerno. From what I can tell, it is supposed to be a social network, what additional things can you tell us about it? Yeah, go into detail, I will copy an excerpt from our "About Us" page: One of the first social networks made for webmasters in mind. We connect webmasters together that share the same love, building websites. The idea behind WebFerno is easy, give webmasters the platform to not only work alongside other webmasters, but also meet and network with new ones. We want our members to have an amazing time on WebFerno, because that's why we made this platform. We have profiles for all of our members, pages for our members to promote their websites, a forum for all types of crazy stuff and even articles for our masters of the web to post and read content from each other. We feel that to make a community succeed like this, we need to have everyone work together and to collaborate together, hence WebFenro. If you had the chance to visit any country you wanted, where would you go? I would have to say England. I know a few people from out that way and it just looks like a place that I would love. I have been to Canada and have thought about moving there, but to visit, I would stick with England. What would you do if you had 25 Million in money? The first thing I would do is give a select number of people a few million to do what they want with it. With the rest, I would buy home and a car and go shopping for a lot of tech things. I would invest a lot of it into a CD that way I can make more over time. I would have to hire a person to make sure I don't spend it all :P
And that wraps up the interview with Lucky! It was fun interviewing Lucky for this weeks Staff Member Interview Series! I learned some more about Lucky, that I didn't know before! I hope you have learned more about Lucky also. If you are interested in visiting WebFerno, you can find it by clicking on THIS TEXT. Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like! Commenting on this will help us in the future, to further develop interviews on our staff members! The more comments that we have, the better we know how to ask further questions on our staff. So please comment below. Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted! And don't forget to comment!

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