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Member Spotlight - Mikaya

Today we are back for another segment of the Member Spotlight! I apologize as it has been a while since the first segment; hopefully we can keep these regular in the future! Anyway, today we are interviewing Mikaya. She has been a member of Forum Promotion for around five months and has already served on two separate staff teams, the Package Team and the Community Team. She is an Administrator at 3DS Pedia and a Community Team member on Forum Promotion. For the purpose of this interview, I will be known as "TF" and Mikaya will be known as "M."

(After Pleasantries)

TF: So what keeps you coming back to Forum Promotion?

M: The wonderful and hardworking staff making Forum Promotion a better place for everyone! They do so much for the community and are great individuals who are always up for a laugh and are very easy to get along with!

TF: Good answer! Do you enjoy working on the staff?

M: Yes. I started off my staff venture being on the Package Team. It was a wonderful experience, and was never dull. I enjoyed every minute of it, and working with great team members made my experience worthwhile. Now transferred to the Community Team, I will try my best in this role! Apart from that, I have met some phenomenal staff members along the way and I'm honored to be apart of the staff. It's a pleasure working with each and every one of you!

TF: Well you definitely make a great staff member, if I may say so myself! As a staff member, you get to see all parts of Forum Promotion; if you were able to change one thing about the forum, what would it be?

M: The old fashioned theme that has been there for quite some time. We need a more modern look to attract visitors and more importantly, the current members who visit on a daily basis. Let's update our look and make a good impression to those who visit the community!

TF: I completely agree! Now let's look away from Forum Promotion and more on to you and your administration! Tell us a little about 3DS Pedia.

M: It was founded on August 19th, 2013. It's primarily based on the popular gaming company known as Nintendo, featuring discussions focused on the 3DS and Wii U, and many well-known titles for both consoles. There are also sections for general gaming, anime/manga to cater for those crazed anime fans, graphic design for those who are skilled and creative in the GFX arts, and of course general for times when you want to take a break from gaming-related discussion.

TF: Even as a non-Nintendo fan, I'm pretty interested in your forum now! What's your favorite part about 3DS Pedia that could attract more members?

M: There is always something to talk about whether it's about gaming or general. The activity is decent, there is always at least a few or even several (during peak times only) members who are up for a friendly chat, and a good laugh, whether it's about Pokemon X/Y or just some random subject.There are regular Pokemon tournaments that you can try your luck in. The most popular feature would be the Pokemon League, you can challenge gym leaders (members of the public) to earn badges that will appear in your posts. They will not go down without a fight, and are pretty tough. You will need luck and a solid strategy. One other unique feature would be the play coins system. Earn Play coins from Pokemon contests/challenges, raffles or even sell your spare Pokemon. You can also post quality threads and posts to earn pc. Once you have a substansial amount, you can then purchase eShop Credit (3DS/Wii U) to buy that game that you've meaning to buy for ages.

TF: That's a pretty creative system. It almost makes me want to register to try it out, actually! Who came up with that system?

M: Marc, the owner. That's pretty much the community in a nutshell. I wrote so much!

TF: It's perfect! One last question, if you don't mind. What has been your hardest challenge as an Administrator at 3DS Pedia?

M: Managing the community, as there is a lot of content (as in threads/posts/members) that need to be checked over. As more and more is being submitted/added over time, the staff and I have to keep an eye on the forum and keep it clean from spam and any sort of offensive behavior. A tidy forum allows easy navigation by members, old and new alike. We also want to make a good impression to those who are yet to join the community. Since we are pretty active, and have time to moderate the community when required, so this doesn't pose as a threat.

TF: It's great to know you have the community under-wraps! Moderating is often a difficult and time consuming job on any forum. Thank you for your time, Mika!

M: My pleasure, happy to help! I enjoyed answering your questions, they were interesting!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Mikaya and 3DS Pedia as much as I did. Have more questions for Mikaya? Ask them in the comments below and she'll try to answer you as best as possible! Remember to check out 3DS Pedia! Stay tuned for our next Member Spotlight soon!

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