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New XenForo Theme

I'm sure I speak on behalf of the entire Forum Promotion team that we are glad to hear the positive feedback that we got from switching from phpBB over to XenForo. One of the biggest suggestions we got was regarding the XenForo theme we used. Although the Forum Promotion team did their best to keep up with suggestions and questions, they ended up creating a brand new staff team called the "Forum Technicians". This team includes @Lucky!, @Malcolmjr96, and myself. We have been working day and night to fix all the bugs from the merge, and to bring a new fresh look for the forums as soon as possible. Well, the time has come to release the new theme I have been working on. Special thanks obviously go out to both Malcolm and lucky for their help. I pretty much gave Malcolm all the annoying tasks such as finding an icon for each individual board :tongueout: Another special thanks goes out to @Brad who was able to help me with a issue that I was having regarding the profile pages. One last special thanks to the team at Pixel Exit for the awesome XenBase framework, and their continues support for their products and clients. So Whats New? Besides a fresh new look for Forum Promotion, the new theme comes with lots of features thanks to the XenBase framework, and our own awesome creative thinking! Floating Navigation If you head over to your preferences page you will see two new options. The first option is to enable the floating navigation. This keeps the top navigation to the top of the page as you scroll down. Some users find this useful for faster navigation around the forums. This feature is turned off by default. Enable Sidebar The second option is to enable the XenForo sidebar on the forum homepage! The feature to have the XenForo sidebar was requested, and so we delivered! However, it is also a user preference! You can decide to have it on or off. Sidebar is turned off by default. Better Mobile Navigation Browsing the forums via your mobile devices has never been easier! The website is completely responsive, and allows for complete mobile browsing via two new navigation's. The first navigation is seen at the bottom of a mobile device. It contains links to the homepage, recent activity, search, and logout. This navigation can be enabled or disabled. The second one is the main navigation that was made into an off canvas menu for smaller screens. t9HjUM New User Profiles: lc4FS3 Usergroup Identification Across the forums you will see various colours that will help identify people and the usergroup they are in. You can see this in users messages, profiles, member cards, members list and so on. Better Alerts rlFc45 Multi Prefixes We have installed an addon to enable multiple prefixes to be selected. This will help our large forums for better organization. Most notably some service areas which may require more than one identification marker. LN2xR9 Help Section Our forum's help section had a makeover. As our process to start moving our wordpress installation over to our XenForo installation, we have moved the guide to our help section. It is almost the same as before, besides a slight few changes to help match what it use to look like on wordpress. ZFYiLy Community Billboards are Back! One thing that was never carried over to the XenForo installation was our community billboards. I have now created custom style properties to make it easier for our staff to enable and disable sites in our community billboards. cNRVwV Better Postbits The postbits look much more smooth and modern now. We have also enabled your $FP in your postbit to open the transfer window like it had in phpBB. XiBvGj & Much Much MORE! Seriously. I can't list it all! Figured I would just highlight a few things. Look around, enjoy it! Remember, if you guys face any issues or bugs with the new theme, place a thread in our Community Matters section! We will get on top of it ASAP! Help us to help better serve you! This is not the end of our customization. We plan to have more custom features on the design. However, we have had our users keep on requesting the new theme to be released over and over. Since the theme is done, we will make small updates to it in various stages. So keep in touch!

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