Post Exchange 101: How To Exchange Posts Like a Pro

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Post Exchange 101: How To Exchange Posts Like a Pro

Have you ever done a post exchange with another online community before?

An exchange of posts happens between you and another forum owner. You post a set number of threads and replies in their forum, and in exchange, they post the same amount in return.

At least, that is what is supposed to happen.

But not all post exchanges are created equally. Some people are just not as good at posting as others even if they have their discussion forum.

But you should focus on giving the best post exchange possible. It gives you a reputation. It can bring more audience to your community. And more forum owners will want to work with you on exchanging posts.

And in this simple guide, I’m going to show you how to conduct a post exchange like a pro!


Use a Unique Name When Doing a Post Exchange

When I post exchange, I use a username that I am not routinely using on other forums or online communities.

I do this to create a new and unique character for post exchange partnerships.

I’d only use my actual name if I joined a forum related to my niche or forum administration-type niche communities.  I’m developing my expertise in these two topics, and I’d want others on the forums to get to know who I am.

Otherwise, I choose a unique username on most exchanges so that I am not easily identified on multiple forums.


Fill Out Your Forum Profile

When conducting a post exchange, complete your profile on the forum you’re exchanging with.

Add basic profile information such as your gender, location, and an essential bio consisting of a few sentences.

Add an avatar and cover image if that feature is present.

If there is a profile posting feature, make a post on your profile.

Unless otherwise specified, I wouldn’t recommend putting any link back to your forum on your profile or your signature. This is because you want to look as legit as possible when exchanging content with other online communities.

Completing a basic profile will help you blend in with the rest of the community.


Make a Great Introduction!

Whether it is a new topic or a reply, make sure you create your first content on the post exchange as your introduction.

Most forums have a section where members can post a new thread or topic for this. That is what you should do if it is available.

In your introduction, be polite and tell a story about yourself.

You don’t have to give away personal details, and you’re not expected to do that, either.

But you should tell the community more about you, what you do, what you want to do, what you did once before, and how you relate to the niche of the forum. If you don’t relate to the niche, explain that it is interesting and want to learn more about it.

This is the make-or-break topic. This is the like you or dislike you topic. Don’t disappoint anyone else or yourself by making a poor topic here. Be you!


Focus on a More than Expected Post Exchange

When I conduct a post exchange with another forum, I have one goal.

That goal is to impress the forum owner with my content.

I give way more than what is expected of me. In return, I usually get it back. If I don’t, I know not to repeat exchanges with those other people again. Giving more than expected is a great way to weed out those who don’t care about the partnership and want more than they are willing to give.

With that in mind, post like you’re posting on your forum.

Ensure the content is awesome, engaging, and genuine to the community. It might mean you need to spend a few moments researching the forum’s niche. That will usually result in better content on your part.

I try to post at least more than half of the post exchange as new threads or topics, and the rest are replies to existing topics created by other members of the community.

Whether creating a new topic or posting a reply, I try to keep the content engaging by asking additional questions to get more replies.


Now let’s turn it over to you! How do you conduct a post exchange like a pro? Follow the recommendations above, and you’ll be a professional post exchanger in no time flat.

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