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Most Recent Changes on Forum Promotion

I am both happy and sad to announce the following changes that has taken place on Forum Promotion. New Administrator Other than our new owner, which was announced a couple weeks ago, our Newest Administrator is Twisted Fairytale. He is taking over for Nerdie, who has left us, due to his selling FP to Master A, and is now ready to continue to other things in his life. Twisted Fairytale was the Team Leader over the Editorial Team, which had changes regarding it's goal not too long ago, and has done a fantastic job as such. And is now ready to take up a new job that has now been given him. Administrators That had Left Nerdie has now left us as an Administrator. This is always be a sad day, when the forum owner has to move on from the forum, but we will wish him success in the future! He will always have a place in the memory of those who enjoyed their time while he was the owner of Forum Promotion.

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