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SBM Champion: Open Carnage Forums

Today, we at Forum Promotion would like to celebrate with Tucker933, who owns Open Carnage Forums, in which Open Carnage has won the Championship to the 2015 Forum Promotion Site Battle Madness! Congratulations Tucker933! As the winner to the Site Battle Madness, he got a number of prizes, a few of which is $50 in cash, free passes to our services here at Forum Promotion, Advertising, and a Complementary Blog Article on Open Carnage. Lets see what got this forum picked as the winner to our Site Battle Madness, shall we?
Open Carnage Forums Click to see the Full Size Image of the forum.
What is the forum about anyways, by glancing at it? If one ignores the description at the top of the forum, the forum itself appears to be geared around Gaming, Technology, and general discussion, which the description re-enforces by saying "Welcome to Open Carnage; a community of gamers, technology enthusiasts, and content creators." As we can see in this forum, by just glancing around at the statistics of each board, it's forum owner Tucker933 has been putting allot of time and money into it, to keep it running with an active userbase. With 64,298 Posts, and 364 Members on the forum since it's opening in 14 Feb 2012, you can tell that this forum is a tight nit community, where it's members feel at home. From what I can tell, the forum appears to run itself from mainly donations, and the only ad on the forum, is immediately after the first post in each thread, which shows that it's owner does care about the browsing experience of it's members. Going to the sidebar, you will find that Open Carnage apparently does Monthly Raffles, which can be found HERE. You will also see a list of the recent 5 topics made forum wide, and Status Updates and and birthday list of the membership. While looking down the index of every board, it appears as if the boards on this forum, gets new posts and topics on an almost daily basis. The only section that shows as if it hasn't received any recently (within the last day or two), is the obvious Site Discussion Category. In the Questions and Suggestions Board, I found that the threads that are posted there, are replied to within a short period of time, allowing the maker of the thread quick access from the staff and community, and thus getting answers to their questions and comments faster than some larger forums I have seen a support board on. That is a plus for me right there! Going down to the Information and Announcements board, I found out that Open Carnage sends out a Monthly Newsletter to it's Membership, if the member wants to receive such. After all, how many forums do you know of, sends monthly updates on the various happenings on the forum? Also, in the same board, there is a FAQ thread there, where one finds some of the basic answers that some of us like to search for, which is answers to one's post count ranks, and usergroups on the forum. Overall, the forum itself looks like it gets plenty of activity for it's membership size. When I finally got around to looking for the Board Wide Guidelines (or rules depending on who you talk to), you can find Guidelines that most mature and active forum communities have as part of their Board Wide Guidelines. The Guidelines include some of the common guidelines, which are the following:
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation is certainly not required to always be perfect, but an honest attempt must be made. Illegible posts will be removed.
  • Spam will not be tolerated.
  • Misleading links/images are not allowed. Please do not try to trick people into clicking on your links.
  • Pirated, nulled/cracked software may not be shared or discussed on Open Carnage.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed.
As we can tell, while they do encourage you to not do certain things, as stated above, you can tell that they aren't overbearing on making allot of rules to follow. What do you think of Open Carnage? Please comment below and give us your opinions on why they won, or should have lost!

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