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Staying On Dry Land - Why You Shouldn’t Null Your Scripts

So, you want to start a website and have picked out the software/script you're going to use. You’ve purchased your hosting and you’ve got your perfect domain name that you wanted to use. The only issue is that you don’t have the money to pay for the script that you really want but the question is, should you download a nulled/pirated version of it? For me, the simple answer is no. There’s a few reasons for this, and I’ll go over them with you. Firstly if you null software you don’t get the mass amount of support, possible feature loss, plugin support and the use of the community forums in some parts. This to me is a big deal. Without the support of the developers, plugin developers and official community, if something goes wrong then I’d find it fairly hard to fix and if you're a beginner you’ll also find it very hard to try to solve on your own. As well as this, the lack of features and out-dated script version is also another big concern for me and is possibly one of the biggest reasons why I don’t use null scripts (apart from it being illegal). With out of date scripts and plugins it means that there’s a chance that your site is more vulnerable to hacks, that can possibly damage and destroy everything you’ve done up until this point. With most nulled scripts today the source code has been modified and altered to allow the script/software to run perfectly, which this in itself could be an issue. Unless you know how to code and are willing to spend the time looking through the entire code for anything malicious or linking to another site. Not checking could easily make your members more vulnerable without you knowing and can possibly infect them from simply nulling a piece of software or a script. Also, with the use of null detection and licencing, current software/script owners are fairly good at being able to tell if a script has been nulled or illegally used, this means that you could be facing a DMCA notice, a fine and some jail time, depending on the offense. As well as that your sites credibility will go down the drain, and members might leave to find somewhere else. The only issue here is people claiming that it’s too expensive to pay for scripts costing well in the $2xx mark and beyond. The best advice that I could offer here is simple, try to find a free alternative or code your own. You’ll feel a lot better from using free scripts and software, not to mention that you get full support from the community, effective updates and most of the features on paid software can be found on free alternatives. Your members will easily respect you for using free software/scripts over nulled and will probably think better of you for doing so. Keeping nulled scripts and software off your site is hard when you know you can get it for free, but in the long run I don’t think it’s worth the risks to use them. So, do you believe in nulling software, have you ever used any nulled software or a script and do you plan on paying for it in the near future? Do you dislike people who use nulled scripts and do you know anyone that uses nuled scripts? We’d love to know what your thoughts are.

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