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Website loading speed is crucial for delivering a seamless user experience. Slow-loading websites can lead to high bounce rates, poor engagement, and negative brand perception. To optimize website speed, website owners can optimize images and web fonts, minimize JavaScript and CSS files, reduce HTTP requests, use caching, and ensure their server resources can handle heavy traffic.

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Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Member Interview Series! This week, we have decided to interview sarhad12. This member has been a member of Forum Promotion since 19 Jan 2013. Now on to the interview! Tell us a little about yourself. Well I've been nicknamed "Scarface" by my mates due to me being a fan of Al Pacino and I also have a "Scar" on my forehead which kind of lives up to the name. As far as my age is concern I stopped counting as soon as I hit my 20's. I have been living...

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