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Google AdSense is a mythical creature. Their policies are so long and technical, that it seems almost impossible to know for certain what you can and cannot do whilst using the service. This article will enable you to know some of the main reasons why AdSense accounts may get disabled, and help you prevent yourself from falling victim to an AdSense Employee that is having a bad day. Lets start off with one of the most basic policies, which really should be needless to say, but don't click your own ads. Don't worry, your account wont be disabled for clicking...

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Google Adsense - Probably the first way many people try to monetize their content. I don't blame them, Adsense has the highest earning rates of all. It can be argued that no other ad companies can beat them. Many guides and tips you see online now are for maximizing Adsense on your blog, website, etcetera. So, I thought I'd write up a some tips for all of you forum owners out there. 1. The most popular ad sizes currently are 300×250, 336×280, and 160×600. While 468×60 and 728×90 fit better in headers and footers, try other unique locations such as...

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Owning a community can be a pretty fun experience, but you can't do it without revenue. Revenue can come from all kinds of places, but most people decide to stick with just ads and premium subscriptions. While this does well for some, others may find that what they are making from ads just isn't enough and that they need more. Well, here is four ways to earn some additional revenue from your forum! 1. Affiliate Programs If advertisements aren't working for you then you may need to start looking for a couple affiliate programs. What are affiliate programs? Affiliate programs...

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In the first article, I looked at the issues associated with earning money from your forum and Adsense as a solution to this. In this article, I will explore Private Advertising. Private advertising is where buyers purchase ad spaces "directly" from the buyer (but often using a marketplace middleman). They may purchase a set amount of impressions/clicks or they may choose to pay a flat monthly fee to buy an ad slot on your forum. Private advertising gives you control over who can advertise on your site. You have the ability to restrict your site to reputable advertisers only. Selling...

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