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So, let's say you've just started a new forum. You've sorted out the theme, rules, sections and all that lovely stuff needed to kick start off the community. What is left to make it's presence known? The members are yet to make their debut! The members are the very heart of any online forum, they keep it alive and running. You won't get very far unless you have some active posters who constantly create fresh content by posting threads and replies. Perhaps you're stuck on some ways to get some potential members to join your community? This article is written...

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Google Adsense - Probably the first way many people try to monetize their content. I don't blame them, Adsense has the highest earning rates of all. It can be argued that no other ad companies can beat them. Many guides and tips you see online now are for maximizing Adsense on your blog, website, etcetera. So, I thought I'd write up a some tips for all of you forum owners out there. 1. The most popular ad sizes currently are 300×250, 336×280, and 160×600. While 468×60 and 728×90 fit better in headers and footers, try other unique locations such as...

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To a forum administrator, advertising is the single most vital aspect of a community. Not advertisements which spread the word about the community, but advertisements which bring revenue into the community. Revenue is like oxygen for a forum. It allows the forum to keep alive by paying the bills. It allows the administrator to do new and unique things with the forum, which often cost money to do. It allows the administrator to purchase advertisements, services, good software, conduct contests, and allows the forum to survive the increasing bills which come with growth. Every new forum which plans to become...

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Promoting your forum can be a difficult task, far more difficult than one might anticipate. Here are some tips that I believe will help you in creating a buzzing, lively and happy community. The Right Forum Choosing the right forum software is vital, in order to help make your user experience simple, easy, and clean. For example, for my forum, we chose to use MyBB (which, at the time, had just updated to the new MyBB 1.8), since it had very positive reviews, and many features that were ideal for our forum. These included a flexible permissions system, a clear,...

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Hey there, I'm going to tell you some useful tips for taking maximum advantage of promotion forums, as a lot of people only get a small percentage of what they could get from forums like this. I'll tell you all the methods I use! Promotion Topic Okay the obvious one, make a promotion topic but just making a promotion topic isn't good enough. You need to make a topic that really draws people in, a topic that makes potential users, users! Having a logo at the top is always good. Then give a general description of the site. Some statistics,...

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