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Several weeks ago, I asked our community about their thoughts on using multiple accounts to falsely boost activity in a new online community. Today, we'll be looking over all of the responses to my questions and breaking down the pros and cons of using fake member accounts on an online forum to make a website appear more popular.

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If you are not running a general forum, you will likely reach a point where you are having a hard time coming up with topics relating to your niche. Never fear though! There are many resources on the world wide web that you can use to your advantage. In this article I will share some ideal sources to help you generate ideas for topics. Keep up-to-date With the Latest News Whatever niche you are in, there is likely to be some form of news regarding the topics which you discuss. It is important to use a search engine to find...

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Post Exchanges are simple and self explanatory. If I make 10 Posts on Cosmic's forum, Cosmic will make 10 on mine. It sounds easy, and it is, but there is an art to maximizing the benefits from that exchange. This guide will go over some general user psychology and business tactics. Hopefully everything in this article can help you gain more posts on your forum or blog! Extra Efforts You know who the best poster is in the world? Nope, it's not the user that finishes their part of the exchange within 30 minutes. It is the user that makes...

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Discussions on a forum are what keeps the doors open. It is what gets the community involved with the topics and makes them stick around. Without discussions, forums cannot exist. However many topics on a forum will often go without responses, or the responses will be basic and that user will never again return to the thread. With the following tips you will be able to create some hot topics on your forum which will really bring in the posts and hopefully even new users! 1. Ask follow up questions. A key element to the longevity of a discussion topic...

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Any type of forum, no matter how large will eventually come across a period of slowness in terms of users checking out the forums and posting. All forums will come across this at some point in its lifespan and the actions taken by the owner of the community can be a matter of life or death, sit idle for too long and the forum will possibly become beyond repair. There are multiple actions which can be taken to ensure that your forum has the best possible chance of revival, providing you already had a decent member base within the first...

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