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First impressions are one of the most underestimated parts of starting a successful forum or website. A first impression is what a viewer immediately thinks about your site at first glace. If a viewer receives a negative first impression, they unfortunately will probably leave your forum or website and it will be difficult to bring them back. There are three very important key points for making a positive first impression. Positive theme impression, clarity and name. Positive Theme Impressions Themes are a very tricky part of running a forum, blog or website. There are hundreds of themes for almost every...

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What is design? We all perceive design differently. For some, it might be lots of whitespace and less content, while others like bright colours. When you play webmaster, you have to make sure that your forum has the best possible design possible, because it is the first impression your user has of the forum. Sure, activity is important too, but the first thing the user notices is how does the forum, or in fact, any website looks? Is it too bright? Is the colour scheme conflicting, or do all the colours 'go' with each other? How easy it is, to...

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Website Planning Ask yourself the following question: “What goes into creating a website?” The correct answer to this question is planning. When creating a website, you need: A topic A purpose Goals Multiple Webpages Content Layout Design The above list is part of the planning process when it comes to creating a website. In this article, I’ll discuss the various aspects of website planning. Each step of the plan is essential to creating your own websites; whether it’s a personal website, business website, fan website, etc. TOPIC, PURPOSE AND GOALS You may think that the topic, purpose and goals of...

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Forum communities are a bastion of discussion and interaction between anonymous users. Often times we see forums that have overlooked or entirely ignored one of the major points of success they could be capitalizing on. I am of course talking about design. Design is what sets your community apart from other communities, creates a welcome mat for guests, and what keeps your members engaged with the overall appearance of the board. It goes a lot farther than just making your community look nice. Design embraces an age old psychology that people have seized and marketed upon for centuries. This article...

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Most people do not have the time or funds to have a custom theme designed for their forum. Working with a designer is a long and expensive process, filled with revisions, errors, and a lot of waiting. A theme has to be designed from scratch, coded, and finally debugged to make sure that everything works. This process is important for large websites which can afford it, but for small ones which are just starting out, there is an easier way which can be just as effective. This series of articles will discuss how you can take an existing theme which...

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