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I have noticed, over the past several months, that more and more people are getting into website design and coding. While noticing this, new coders have been attempting to use programs like Dreamweaver to begin their coding journey. This is an absolute NO no. Dreamweaver is a product made by adobe. It has not yet been updated to handle HTML5 or CSS3 completely and will produce errors, that other editors usually will not produce. I recommend one product for all beginner's who are learning to code. That product is Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text 2 is a text editor, a...

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Be aware that themes mentioned in this article are themes that I personally like and therefore your opinion on the themes might be different. Please take note that themes mentioned below are intended for 3.5.x version of the Wordpress software and therefore they might not work on older or newer versions of the software. Bloggap by Themes Kingdom Unique responsive theme with colors that go really well together. It comes with custom contact and gallery pages. It’s not as rich in content than entry above, but personally I believe that it’s well worth the money due to being a bit...

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Have you every tried to think, what will I do when my website or forum will get a hundred fold more visitors than I currently have? I myself never had planned such a thing, but it did happen to one of our clients who used our chatting solution FreiChat. Caching was not at all an option as messages had to reach in real time, so the only option was to increase the hardware infrastructure. So we decided to take the next logical step, i.e., to introduce a new database configured as “slave” to the “master” database. This is because a...

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