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DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO is a very popular topic. Some businesses cannot afford to hire a company like to help them with their SEO campaigns, but they do have the time and or human resources to make a go of things on their own. There is nothing wrong with a DIY approach to SEO as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into! For starters, there are big differences between SEO web design services and an SEO tools service. One specializes in helping you to design and edit your website to be more SEO-friendly and the other...

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It seems a lot of admins fail to use social media to recruit members for their forum which is a shame; Twitter can be a great tool for getting people to visit your forum. From what I’ve seen, a lot of admins like to connect their forum's RSS feed to their Twitter account and call it a day. But we all know that method isn’t really good for attracting visitors or even getting followers. So, what are some ways you can use Twitter to get more members and to build your forums social following? Follow Your Members on Twitter Generally,...

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I don’t know why people think that tweeting out a link every couple minutes is acceptable, but a lot of people do it. It’s kind of painful to see people doing this because they are probably getting no returns from it and it’s probably annoying the hell out of their followers. Plus, when your feed is filled with nothing but links it’s pretty easy to see that you’re not engaging with anyone, but you’re just there to push your product. I mean, you are on social media to push your product, but you can’t do it by spamming. There is...

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The art of good site traffic building comes from staying on top of evolving trends. It requires a bit of thinking outside of the box, as the standard keyword-linked blog post isn’t always your site’s best bet. Often site owners forget to look to social media, the centerpiece of the web, for marketing help. Since Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media today there are some ways to use it to your site’s advantage. Naming and Hashtags The importance of choosing the correct keywords still applies here, but Instagram uses them a bit differently. Include your...

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