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I think we all know the importance of keeping backups, but it's also very easy to forget! It's pretty funny how such an important task can so easily be forgotten about. Luckily for us, there's a phpBB modification that can automate the task and make backups by itself. Here's how to automatically backup your phpBB forum: Note: This tutorial is working for version 3.0.11. Make sure to make a backup of your forum before installing any new modifications. Step 1) Download "Auto Backup" for phpBB. Step 2) Extract "Auto Backup." Step 3) Open (or install) Filezilla and connect to your...

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The installation process of phpBB is pretty similar on all control panels, but I'm assuming you have purchased hosting that uses CPanel. CPanel is the most common control panel in the web hosting industry, which is why I chose to make my installation guide based on that. Plus, I use web hosting with CPanel so it makes things a tad bit easier on me :D. Softaculous If you have CPanel, then you most likely have Softaculous. Softaculous is an auto installer that allows you to install almost every popular free script in just a few clicks. To see if you...

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