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It’s essential to keep your forum active. An active forum usually means members will visit again and contribute. An inactive forum is easy for a member to forget about. But you’re probably wondering what some ways to help keep your forum active, especially when you can’t think of any new ideas, right are? Look no further because here are five great ways to do just that!   #1 Keep Your Forum Active by Posting Every Day As the forum owner, you should be logging into your forum every day possible. And you should be posting on your forum every time...

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We want to wish you a special, happy new year moving forward in 2021! The last year has brought many changes for every country - as we're sure you know, there has been the coronavirus / COVID-19, controversial elections, Brexit, and more. However, many great things have happened both offline and online too! We have seen our members expand their websites, earn more money online, and connect in new ways. As humankind, we have prevailed in the face of a global pandemic, among many other challenges. Although there are many still struggling, the internet has once again shown strength and...

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Forum administrators and site owners should be careful when publishing any sort of public political statement. It is all too easy to get invested in politics to the point of debating, or even arguing. There are times when one side of any issue can be considered factual, with opposing arguments perhaps lacking any facts, evidence, or convincing theories. Those can be the most troubling to deal with for any moderator, whether they are in a televised debate or handling post reports on an online community board. It's important to understand the difference between providing a good user experience for your...

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I was a long time forum user and owner who never wanted to acknowledge that the peaks of forums were long past. In the 90's and early 2000's, the forum community as a whole was much different. Not only that, the software we used was too. While live chat messengers did impact or help stunt the growth of forums, they were never a true alternative. For that reason we saw forums and live chats thrive together. Even as social media giants rose from the depths of obscurity, forums persisted and lived on. However, it is now 2020 and those times...

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Several weeks ago, I asked our community about their thoughts on using multiple accounts to falsely boost activity in a new online community. Today, we'll be looking over all of the responses to my questions and breaking down the pros and cons of using fake member accounts on an online forum to make a website appear more popular.

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