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I’ve used MyBB several times throughout my years of experience as a forum owner and I’ve never been disappointed with what it offers. Don’t get me wrong, it has a few issues ranging from its software to community, but out of all the forum software that I have had an some sort of experience with (as an administrator), it comes out on top easily. Let’s get the first reason most people use MyBB out of the way. MyBB is an open source software therefore it is absolutely free. This is a forum software that can rival both XenForo and IPB...

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3ds Pedia Full Review by Subz You can access 3DS Pedia to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here. Scoring: First Impressions & Appearance – ( 19 out of 20) I like the template and the backgrounds, its very Nintendo orientated. I can see that your forum is very active and I like the chatbox at the top of the forum, which gets members chatting and being active while not posting on the forum. You have a nice light theme, which works very well with your theme. The forum icons for each forum works well with your...

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