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My view on why I enjoy and like general chat and general discussion forums in 2023.

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Many of us start a message forum because it’s a hobby, and it is fun to create a community from scratch to watch it grow. But isn’t it a fair assumption to be okay with the fact that we would love to earn a little bit of profit with our forum? We are putting our money into hosting, the domain, and sometimes even the software and everything that goes with it after all, right? We should at least be able to earn that money back. But then again, we should be able to profit from the forum and make it...

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Today, I wish to help you learn how to use the ACP, with the phpBB Forum Software. I will be covering a few items that I think you would like to know how to do, if you are having issues with creating certain things through the ACP.If you scroll down to the bottom of your forum, you should notice at the bottom of the page, what states "Administration Control Panel". When you click on the link, it will ask you to re-authenticate yourself. This is used to prevent unauthorized access to the ACP, and as a login page to the...

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Full Review by Lucky! You can access Ivandis to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here. Scoring: First Impressions & Appearance – (18 out of 20) When I first look at Ivandis, the first thing I noticed was the logo and the overall look of the theme, both of which were well done and looks like it took time to get right, which I commend you on. When I do full reviews, I like to break the impressions and appearance sections apart to make things a little easier to read and follow. So, let's start off with...

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Open Carnage Full Review by Jadster You can access Open Carnage to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here. Scoring: First Impressions & Appearance – (13 out of 20) Let me start of this review by giving out my personal thoughts on Open Carnage. When I visited OC, I was a bit confused as to what OC was all about. I looked at just the theme and banner but could not figure it out at all. The banner / logo really confused me as to what the site was about but after I read the blue box...

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