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Nowadays, retention is key! People who keep coming back on your website are more likely to share your website and you become more popular. Most websites lack the follow key methods to retain those awesome visitors that will share about your website. Here are my top 5 key methods to retain visitors on your website. 1. Frequently Add Fresh Content Updating your site makes yourself not just look better in Google, but it shows visitors that you care about your website and that it’s active. That means that your visitors will come back for more content all the time and...

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From my perspective, being a part of forums for over seven years, I've observed that a very select group of owners/admins gave priority in undertaking tasks that are considered "behind the scenes." This is understandable and is expected, but, I couldn't help but question, could they go the extra mile to help their forum? Think about it, members look up to those who actually engage with members within the community. Generally through making posts and sharing their thoughts on various matters and subjects. This helps to create a bond between members and the staff, and proves that they have a...

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