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After many weeks of thinking you have decided to add more interaction to your website via a forum. Well, even though setting up a forum is a pretty easy I do recommend for you to sit down and do some stuff before hand. Time after time, I run into very smart people who make the dumb decision of starting something they don’t know how to run. Sure they learn eventually, but by then the community has been destroyed. So, here are a few tips for the average person looking to start their first forum. Dive into the Internet and Do...

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Being successful as a webmaster is one of the greatest feelings for any webmaster. There are thousands of webmasters in the web, but not every one of them is successful. Being a successful webmaster requires hard work, dedication, skills, and patience - without these four elements, a webmaster can never find success. In this article, we will determine what makes a webmaster successful. A successful webmaster needs to have the following 5 characteristics: Passionate A webmaster needs to be passionate about his/her website. Without passion, it is hard for him/her to obtain success. Passion cannot be seen from the outside,...

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Have you every tried to think, what will I do when my website or forum will get a hundred fold more visitors than I currently have? I myself never had planned such a thing, but it did happen to one of our clients who used our chatting solution FreiChat. Caching was not at all an option as messages had to reach in real time, so the only option was to increase the hardware infrastructure. So we decided to take the next logical step, i.e., to introduce a new database configured as “slave” to the “master” database. This is because a...

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