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I’ve used MyBB several times throughout my years of experience as a forum owner and I’ve never been disappointed with what it offers. Don’t get me wrong, it has a few issues ranging from its software to community, but out of all the forum software that I have had an some sort of experience with (as an administrator), it comes out on top easily. Let’s get the first reason most people use MyBB out of the way. MyBB is an open source software therefore it is absolutely free. This is a forum software that can rival both XenForo and IPB...

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Today in this article, I will be discussing my pick of the Top Three Free Forum Hosting websites that you can use to host your forum. I have used my time to try out and test the services the following has to offer. I do have my favorites and I will explain why in this article. #3. FreeForums ( – FreeForums runs on a forum software called phpBB. I have tried it, but I haven't really liked it all that much. One feature I do like though, is that it has a donation feature. The payment; also known as Donation;...

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This article is written by xXInfectedXx. In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the basics of the MyBB Administration Control Panel. When you login into your forum, you will notice in the corner of the forum three buttons: User CP, Mod CP and Admin CP. Click on the Admin CP to access the Administration Control Panel. After you clicked this, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Ill start off by explaining what you will find at the configuration settings page of the forum. On the top, click "Configuration." I will be explaining the first...

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Want to create a community, but don't have enough money to purchase a paid forum script such as vBulletin, XenForo, InvisionPowerBoard, or WoltLab's Burning Board? Well, you can make an amazing board with MyBB! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to install MyBB. Step 1: Download MyBB. Find a copy of the latest version of MyBB available for download on MyBB's homepage, Unzip the file (Windows has a tool integrated into it that allows you to unzip files, but you can also use a tool such as 7Zip). Step 2: Upload the files. Enter your file...

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The following plugins for MyBB, are 5 recommended plugins that would be useful for your MyBB forum. 1) My Advertisements by Pirata Nervo An amazing ad manager for mybb which allows the creation of multiple advertising zones and banners. 2) Forum Affiliates Manager by Spencer Manually inserting and removing affiliate buttons from your forum's footer can be a major pain in the rear. Well, Forum Affiliates Manager makes the process faster and a hell of a lot easier. 3) Thank You/Like System by -G33K- I personally find the default reputation system in mybb boring, so I like to switch it...

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