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I’m challenging myself! I will try to have a successful message forum meeting all objectives in one year. And I’m going to document my strategies, successes, and failures in a 12-month series on this blog. This series aims to help you, the forum owner, make the right decisions and what to avoid. My goals are simple – In one year, I want: 1,000 or member members 10,000 or more posts/topics combination Monetization strategies in place to keep the forum paying for itself Known well within its niche My niche is “cycling,” including road biking, mountain biking, gravel, racing, and bicycling....

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I joined the web community back in 2006. This is where the internet was still a fairly new thing. High speed internet had just erupted over the web and people were going wild. Websites started spewing up all over the internet and it was great. I can’t even remember how many successful forums I’ve seen over my years, which will be 10 this coming year, that were run so well. So what’s happened to forums over the years? Personally, I think the appeal for forums has just disappeared. I remember growing up through my teens and I could not wait...

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